Floral bouquet for mum that’s so gorgeous, I almost kept it for myself

It was Mum’s birthday a few weeks ago and I wanted to surprise her with something I know she loves – flowers!

This is a hand bouquet from Floral Garage Singapore, made up of mainly sunflowers and tulips (my Mum’s favourite flowers) and dressed up in rustic-looking wrapping, which was the style that I opted for. You can go for a different look (for example, modern) if it’s more in line with your preference.

sunflower and tulip bouquet 5

The bouquet reached my house promptly a day before my Mum’s birthday (I wanted it sent to me first so I can present it to her myself when we meet up for celebration the next day.)

Here are a few close-up shots so you can see how gorgeous the flowers are:

I really love how the combination worked together and the tulips really looked beautiful.

I’m extremely pleased with the quality of the flowers. They looked fresh, beautiful, and the colour harmony was just on point. I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO RECEIVE FROM SOMEONE!


This bouquet sells for just S$89.90, which is one of the most affordable around that I know. If you had gone into a florist shop in town, this could have been upwards of S$100.

I left it in my fridge overnight, and it still looked impeccable the next day. Before I left to meet my family, I sprayed the flowers with some water – so it looks more “dewy”! – and off I went!

sunflower and tulip bouquet 2

My Mum absolutely LOVED it and couldn’t stop admiring it.

sunflower and tulip bouquet 1

Floral Garage also offers other interesting options that I was deciding between.

The first was roses in a box, which I’ve been seeing on social media, but I felt that it was probably more appropriate as a romantic gift (ehem, ehem… to my husband).

The vegetables bouquet seemed the most creative to me and I was almost sure my Mum would have broke into laughters seeing it. I’m bookmarking this for Mothers’ Day (maybe go with a note to thank her for cooking so many wonderful meals for me?) OR I’d think it can be ideal as a housewarming gift for friends too, heh!

You probably know that flowers can be really pricey during Valentine’s Day, so here’s a great deal to share with you: Floral Garage Singapore is giving away soft toys (such as I love you pillows and teddy bears) as well as discounted prices if you make an order in January.