What to wear to the airport: Inspirations from Korean celebrities

“Airport fashion” is a term popularised by Korean celebrities, stemmed from how effortlessly-chic they look despite dressing in a comfortable and casual way. I’ve been travelling quite a bit in the last few months – including 2 two-week trips to Europe – so what to wear for a long flight is something I have to decide on more frequently recently. While I obviously am expecting to have my photos taken at the airport by the media and adoring fans, I still want to look good in my own photos since my itinerary would start pretty much right after I touch down. Here are some tips I picked up from looking at the airport fashion looks by Korean celebrities that had helped me:

1. Invest in a stylish outerwear

Whether it’s a trenchcoat, a blazer or a cute sweater, a chic outerwear helps jazz up any casual outfit immediately. I can pretty much get away with a comfy t-shirt-and-jeans combination and still look sharp when I throw a blazer on. What’s more, it serves the practical function of keeping me warm when I’m on the plane, or if I’m touching down to a colder climate. It can also be easily tucked away if I don’t need it while on the plane.

2. Sport sporty

Sportswear is comfort wear. I already have a collection of gym wear that looks pretty chic (because nice gym wear inspires me to go to the gym!) so why not give them even more mileage by wearing them on a plane? To avoid looking like you’ve really just stepped out of a gym, pair a sports top with a non-sports bottom – e.g. a jeggings (denim leggings) or other loose pants with strong designs.

3. Preppy works

Layer a comfortable shirt with a sweater, and complete the look with oxford boots or sneakers, and a sturdy satchel. It’s a stylish look to sport that you can get away with wearing socks, comfortable shoes, and a practical, roomy bag. You’ll even look put together with a pair of spectacles – after all, with the dehydrated air on the plane, you’ll definitely want to skip the contact lenses.

4. Accessorise with statement pieces

Photo source: mwave.interest.me

Photo source: mwave.interest.me

Wear your favourite white or grey basic t-shirt that you don’t mind sleeping in, worn-out jeans, and understated sneakers, then jazz up the look with a statement piece. It could be an amazing scarf or an eye-catching necklace. Remember to bring along a spacious bag with strong design to finish the look.


Top Picks From Kate Spade That I’m Lusting After

Hi Kate (Spade), I’m sorry I once said that I’m beginning to get tired of you and prefer Michael (Kors) instead.

I visited the Kate Spade website recently and found so many gems, I wish my mother were BFFs with Katherine (the designer) and I can have VIP access to all the goodies that are retailing.

These are the items that caught my eyes and I wish I could have them in my wardrobe now, now, NOW!

kate spade collage

Road Trip License Plate Clutch: For the one with the perpetual wanderlust. It comes with a metal strap for you to hang at your shoulder, or you can simply hold it in your hand. So quirky.
Pack A Picnic Champagne Box: I love picnics! And I’ve got a wicker basket bag from Kate Spade to match this (I didn’t intended that one for picnics though). Imagine carrying a bottle of champagne or wine to house parties or picnics – how awesome!
Skinny Mini Bow Bangle: This is dainty and adorable.
Leslie Pumps: I’ve always had a soft spot for understated pumps with crazy heels. It’s probably because I like that I can wear it anywhere – for work, for play – and retain that playful touch.
Bow Instarsia Trouser Sock: Mint is my recent favourite colour and the bow detail and ruffled ankles are just too sweet.

Sigh, this makes me want to go shopping. Which is your favourite from my picks?

P/S: I want to blog about my Bangkok trip and a few OOTDs. I’m also super overdue on some staycation reviews. But I promise, they’re coming soon. At the meanwhile, I’m still updating frequently at DailyVanity.com – in fact, almost every day – with beauty-related articles.