5 affordable drugstore beauty products that I really love

There are many luxury beauty products that I love: Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil, Lancome’s serum, Sulwhasoo’s cushion foundation. These are some of the brands/products I really think is worth every dollar I spent.

But there are also a whole bunch of drugstore brands that have produced great beauty products I think are top of the range, even among the more expensive brands. And I’m going to share with you 5 that I absolutely love and am so glad that they’re not going to burn a hole in my pocket.

1. Bioderma micellar water (S$26.90)

bioderma micellar water

When it comes to skincare products, Bioderma is one of my favourite brands, and their star product is definitely their Micelle Solution. I’ve tried the Hydrabio one and absolutely love it. This is a makeup removing product, and feels exactly like you’re cleansing with water. Designed for dry to dehydrated sensitive skin, this cleanser is able to remove makeup effectively, without straining the skin a bit. My skin always feels refreshed and clean after using it.

2. Maybelline mascara (S$21.90)

maybelline mascaras

I’ve tried many of Maybelline’s mascaras and I love all of them. They have many of mascaras and they have never disappointed me. If there’s any gripe at all, it’ll be that the waterproof formula tends to be a bit stubborn, but if you could look past this and be more conscientious and patient with your makeup removing step, you’ll love that Maybelline’s mascaras really deliver dramatic results that don’t smudge much in Singapore’s humid weather.

3. Biore watery sunscreen (S$18.90)

biore uv aqua gel

This sunscreen goes onto skin like refreshing water and has a nice citrus scent that I love. It has high SPF value (SPF50+, PA++++), which means it’s able to protect your skin thoroughly. Sunscreen with high coverage typically feels thicker and oilier, but this has a lightweight texture that you can barely feel on the skin. It’s not sticky nor greasy, and is an absolute joy to apply. And I’m an advocate of lightweight sunscreen because it encourages people to apply and reapply, which is an important beauty and health tip.

4. My Beauty Diary mask (S$16.90 for 10 pieces)

beauty diary mask

This is quite a cult brand and they’re well-known for their fabulous masks. I’ve never bought into the hype so I haven’t really paid attention to it, until I was invited to be an expert judge for the Guardian Health & Beauty Awards, representing Daily Vanity, that I tried this product (and had to compare it with other masks). I eventually picked it as my favourite among the others because of how my skin really feels after application. The fit is also snug (probably because it’s a Taiwanese brand and so the mask it designed for Asian face shapes).

5. Avene facial spray (S$19.90 for 2)

avene spray

This is one of the first facial sprays I’ve tried after it was recommended to me by an ex-colleague who has sensitive skin. She absolutely swears by it. After trying, I love it too – it really refreshes my skin and helps my skin get hydrated. I’ve used pricier ones, and honestly, the result is pretty much similar. So why not get the cheaper option then, right? I heard from someone that it also helps calm itchiness (from insect bites, for instance). I haven’t tried it for myself so I don’t know if it really works, but if you’ve tried it and it worked, let me know!

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