5 makeup brushes everyone should have

For a very long time, I’ve been applying my makeup with my fingers, or the applicators/brushes that come with the products I use. After speaking to and watching some makeup experts, I realise that investing in good makeup brushes can really help makeup look a lot better. I am still trying to pick up the right application skills, and build my arsenal of brushes. There are MANY types of brushes, and it can be very daunting – at least for me – because I obviously don’t have the means to own every single type of brush out there. After some research, I find that these are probably the most useful ones:

1. Foundation brush
brush - foundation

Applying foundation with fingers can get really messy, and it’s not uncommon to leave behind prints on your products and vanity table. I find sponges a good way to apply foundation evenly, but a good foundation brush can really help to blend out foundation properly. Less product is also wasted compared to a sponge, which tends to pick up more product than needed.

2. Kabuki brush

brush - kabuki

I have owned a kabuki brush for a long time. I find it a great multi-purpose tool for makeup products that you need to apply onto large surfaces. I use it mainly as a brush for applying blusher, it’s also great for applying loose powder or foundation powder.

3. Shading brush

brush - shading

This is a square-shaped brush with rounded edges and is dense and soft. This is a very important tool if you are into blending out several eyeshadow shades. A good shading brush can make blending effortless. The best shading brush, I find, is one that is soft enough so your eyelids won’t be hurt when you run it across the eyelids. At the same time, it should be firm enough to offer precision.

4. Liner brush

brush - liner

This is a thin brush that can help you pick up eyeliner – especially gel eyeliner. But if you’re not for dark eyeliner looks, you can use a liner brush to pick up eyeshadow in darker shade to act as an “eyeliner”. I find that this makes the look softer, and they tend to smudge less easily compared to eyeliner too.

5. Lip brush

brush - lip

While I use my lipstick directly from the tube most of the time, I invest in a lip brush to pick up lip colour from lipsticks that are almost empty. By then the lipstick would be sitting flat and very difficult to apply it onto my lips directly without messing up or hurting my lips. The lip brush then comes in very handy to make sure I get the last bit out of the product.

If you’re trying to build your brush collection like I am, some of the brands that I’ve heard are really good include Real Techniques, Zoeva, 13rushes, and Make Up For Ever.

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