2015 was all about “cleaning” for me

My body cleans itself out. I see the effects of chemotherapy in my battled body reversing themselves. My hair, eyelashes, brows, nails all grew out. My scars lightened. My stamina improved; I can now easily run 3km, whereas one year ago, I’d trip and fall walking down a short flight of stairs because my calves and knees can’t hold my body up. Other bodily troubles that people won’t see recovered. God made everything new again. And He will continue to heal me in 2016.

And I’ve stayed “clean” for another year. The cancer didn’t come back – praise the Lord. One year in remission. One more risky year to go. Fingers crossed.

I cleaned out my priorities. I spent time in only what is of value to me.
I cleaned out friends that bring negative vibes; the funny thing is that I’ve always known I don’t feel “comfortable” with these people but previously I’ve always allowed them to stick around myself to stick around.
I travelled to amazing places with my brother, my husband, my best friends – the only regret is that I didn’t manage to find time to travel with my parents. But that’ll definitely be a priority this year.
I refocused on Daily Vanity’s editorial offering, which had to suffer a slow-down because I had wedding planning and then fell horribly ill in 2014. We are on track again, and in 2015, I’ve been blessed with a team of amazing and committed writers.
I celebrated my first year wedding anniversary with Keith. I love this wonderful man who is now cleaning the bathrooms while I’m writing here. (My doting father-in-law has instructed him to do the tougher household chores so that I can be allowed to recuperate. My father-in-law wanted to help us with the lighter chores too i.e. he didn’t want me to do any. He helped us out for a while, but now that I’m a lot better, I’ve taken over. I still can’t believe how supportive my in-laws are.)

And my in-laws are “made clean”, through baptism. Keith is also accepted into the Catholic Church. Our family now shares the same faith, and I’m happy to journey with them.

I ate cleaner. I started cooking (fresh foods, not pre-packaged-microwaved food) – which is something I’d never have imagined myself doing two years ago – and I think I’m getting decently good at it. At least when I got my best buds over during Christmas and whipped up a meal for seven, all the food was cleaned up.

And yesterday, the last day of 2015, I spent my morning cleaning – a new space that I’d share more about when it is ready I am ready. And then also another new space to announce. Later this year!

In 2016, I aim to remain clean: in my thoughts, words, and deeds, in what I choose to spend my time on, and in the life I choose to lead.


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