It’s Probably A Phase, But I’m Currently In Love With All Things Black-And-Gold

Anyone here go through – what I call – “colour phases”? This means that for a few weeks or even months, your eyes are somehow only attracted to a certain colour and can’t resist buying everything in that particular colour. I know I do.

I’ve previously gone through a mustard phase, pale pink phase, emerald green phase, cobalt blue phase… I can go to one shop and grab three items in the same colour just because I’m on that “zone” during that period. In fact, I’m sure I can kind of tell how old things in my wardrobe are by their colours.

Current phase? Definitely black and gold. And I like it in all kinds of forms. Not a good thing for my wallet.

Baroque-style dresses (I don’t care if it’s passé), but yes, please!

black and gold dress 1

black and gold dress 2

black and gold dress 3

I’m also in love with black and gold shoes. Just look at these!

black and white shoes 1 black and white shoes 2 black and white shoes 3

I only have two pairs of black and gold shoes, one of them is a pair of Ferragamo flats that I’m wearing to death. I have this suspicion I’m going to see more black-and-gold shoes in my cabinet.

And just look at this Michael Kors timepiece!


Oh, it doesn’t help that Michael Kors actually have more than one watch in this colour combo. Like this one:


And this obsession doesn’t stop at fashion (and that’s a huge problem). I’ve also been checking out nail inspirations that involve, obviously, black and gold designs. These are some of those I have my eyes on and have every intention to recreate them over this weekend or something. Which do you think is prettiest?

black and gold nails black and gold nails 3 black and gold nail 2

And I haven’t even talked about eye makeup looks:

eye makeup 3 eye makeup 2 eye makeup 1

I can’t say no to these.

Share with me: Do you go through any colour phases? How do you cope with it? Finally, which of these items/looks do you seriously think I should indulge myself in?


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