Wedding Dinner At Moevenpick Heritage Hotel: See My Programme Lineup

My wedding is a long event. We started off with gatecrashing, tea ceremony at his house, church wedding, lunch reception, photoshoot at the church, tea ceremony at the hotel for my elders, and then dinner.

Our dinner venue was Moevenpick Heritage Hotel, which was the first hotel that we went to see and I quickly fell in love with it.

Here’s my bridesmaid helping me with the necklace my mother-in-law gave me during tea ceremony, which I wore with my evening outfits.



The theme for our dinner was journey, and each table was named after a country (instead of a number). With the help of Ling, one of my bridesmaids, we did up this “flight” seating plan, where we indicated which table each guest is seated at. This is left at the entrance even after the reception team has went into the ballroom so that late-comers can quickly find out where they’re seated without any help.


We chose an elegant setup for our ballroom. The ballroom can accommodate up to 15 tables (minimum of 12) and we had 14. I wanted to make sure we kept it at an even number so that the setup will be such that the aisle on which we march in will be straight.


10402932_10152884416474919_5041991412265839924_n 10408545_10152884416549919_7340499429733107275_n10154371_10152884416389919_4552631036485585834_n

We placed a handwritten card on each seat. On the front is our hashtag (#MarryTohDay) together with a quote related to “journey”. And on the other side, a trivia about the country you’re seated at. You have to guess if the trivia is true or false, a turn over a flap to find out the correct answer. We wanted to do this to occupy our guests when they wait for the banquet to start, and hopefully can be used as a form of ice-breaker (because all the trivia were different, they could ask what each guest at their table received).


After the first march-in (our first march-in song was Everyday I love you, which Keith sang when he proposed to me), Keith and I went up on stage to welcome our guests. At most weddings, the couple may not talk until it’s time for the speech (some don’t even give one), but we really wanted to address our guests at the start of the dinner because we’re the hosts and they’re all present for us.

Then, we played a video that we engaged a company to do, which told the story of how we met and fell in love.

Dinner was presented, and while the guests ate the first dish, we played our proposal video so they could eat and watch it (if they wish) at the same time.

Keith and I then walked around the tables to mingle with our friends and relatives.




We skipped the cake-cutting ceremony because I find it very, very silly to cut a styrofoam cake. We also didn’t do any childhood montage because we find it cliched and cheesy.

We didn’t get to mingle for too long and had to get changed for our second march-in (the song for this was Marry me by Jason Derulo).




The morning highlights video was played after we marched in so we could watch it.


This was followed by the popping of champagne. If you’re wondering why I was pointing upwards, looking all excited, it was because the cork went through the “hoop” of the projector, and I thought it was amazing.


The toast done and my bridesmaids and groomsmen all came up on stage to say something. (We actually wanted just a representative each from the bridesmaids and groomsmen, but they decided to do it together. #team)


And then it was our speeches. Mine was after Keith’s and I surprised him with a song. (爱你 by Kimberley)


Thankfully, the guests liked my singing.


And that’s it!


It was indeed a long and tiring day.


But thanks to my amazing bridal party, I had lots of fun and also now have a set of beautiful memories. Read more about my wedding here.




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