Gatecrashing Ideas: What My Bridesmaids Came Up With For #MarryTohDay

I had the most awesome team of bridesmaids. I picked them not just because they’re my closest friends, but also because they’re very competent (evident from how excellently they perform at work). In case you think I did interviews and go through resumes to recruit my bridesmaids, I didn’t. I am just lucky enough to be close friends with women who are very competent. Or perhaps it’s no coincidence, since they say birds of a feather flock together.

With a team of super-bridesmaids, my wedding ran very smoothly. It’s a very long event, beginning at 6.45am, so we can do gatecrashing, and still have time to go to Keith’s house to the tea ceremony, before going to church an hour before the ceremony is supposed to start (and we can’t be late for this, obviously). This is followed by a lunch reception at the church, photo-taking, and then to the hotel for dinner.

While I didn’t get to witness the gatecrashing, I heard stories from the bridal party and also watched snippets of it in the videos. It was quite a blast.

I laid out a few rules for gatecrashing and I’m thankful that my bridesmaids managed to follow them, while coming up with ideas that are still fun. My rules were:

  • No 酸甜苦辣. I hate how cliched it is. I hate it so much I cringe whenever I see people doing it. But on top of the emotional reason, the practical reason is that I don’t want anyone to end up with an upset stomach and have to live with it for the entire day, which we know, offers no break at all.
  • No risque games. You know, the kind where they make the guys wear bras or panties, or hang bananas in front of their crotches, or burst balloons with their crotches and butts? I just find them distasteful, and just weird to do considering we are going to celebrate our wedding in a church later. The good thing is my bridesmaids find such activities inappropriate too, and would never have wanted it anyway.
  • No “10 promises to my wife”. It’s another cliche that I cringe at, plus I really don’t know what to do with the signed piece of paper afterwards. (Call me unsentimental, but I really don’t like to keep things like these. This is why we also didn’t have a guestbook at the wedding.) Also, we already have our wedding vows to commit to, there’s no reason to have “additional” promises. Promises like “I will give all my money to my wife” will never be fulfilled anyway. Who are you trying to kid?

Read on to see what my bridesmaids came up with 🙂

Team Groom arrived and did their victory roar.




My wedding date is also the birthday of my bestie and one of my bridesmaids, so the boys were made to sing her a birthday song to kick off the gatecrashing.


And then, to the real tasks. Task 1: Because Keith and I run, a beauty e-mag, he and the groomsmen were tasked to film a 15-second makeup tutorial, to post up on Instagram, and get at least 50 likes before the gatecrashing ends.




Let’s just say the day started, well, beautifully.

Task 2: They were given five minutes to translate the song, Everyday I love you, by Boyzone, from English to Hokkien and to perform it. This song was chosen because it was the song Keith sang when he proposed to me.



Task 3: Each of them were supposed to say their wishes for us, in an accent that they picked. Keith was supposed to do the same thing, but give 10 reasons why I should marry him.



Because they did so horribly, besides handing over the angbaos, they also had to strike and sustain a yoga pose.




At the door, Keith was asked to sing Everyday I love you again.

10171781_10152884311859919_6838622951956152174_n10730213_10152884312269919_1441681949181114095_n  10313654_10152884312314919_6683200871093510498_n        10801474_10152884312489919_1935879548393027991_n


And this is the story of how I was sold for a few songs, kind words, a 15-second video and cold, hard cash.


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