17 Christmas House Party Ideas That I Maaaaaaay Try

It hasn’t been a great second-half of the year for me, but I am looking forward to Christmas, when all things are indeed made new again. And I’m planning two intimate gatherings at my house! While researching, I found these awesome ideas that seem easy enough to execute (but dear guests, please don’t expect too much from me hahaha!)

Christmas-themed Food

santa claus strawberries


This seems simple enough. All you need are strawberries, chocolate rice and whipped cream.


How about super cute egg snowmen? See recipe!

snowman cake pops

If you haven’t got enough of snowmen, here’s a snowman cake pop! See recipe.

christmas tree fruit salad


You don’t even need to know how to switch on the stove with this! Hohoho!

christmas tree pancakes


If you love pancakes and want it at your Christmas party – why not?



These snowflakes are actually marshmallows that are cut into pretty snowflake shapes using a cookie cutter.

DIY Christmas Trees

Keith and I have bought a Christmas tree – and it’s really expensive, by the way. We could have actually tried one of these instead:

diy light christmas tree


What’s really great about this is that it doesn’t take up space! Just need to find a nice wall, stick on fairy lights and ta-dah!

diy ladder christmas tree


This is kinda hipster, but the good thing about this is, when Christmas is over, they can be packed back into the storeroom and used another day for other (actual) functions.

diy wrapping paper christmas tree


This Christmas tree created from wrapping paper also makes for a great handmade card idea.

diy garland christmas tree


This felt garland Christmas tree is like a cuter version of the fairy light one. Similarly, all you need is a wall! It doesn’t take up space!

diy tripod christmas tree


If you’re hosting a bunch of photography enthusiasts, this will be an instant hit!

Christmas Decoration Ideas


This garland is made from cupcake cases and it’s super cute. Learn how to make it!

christmas tree napkins


If you can find a festive napkin, folding it like this will be cool.

If not, I’m going to find green napkins and do this. This is friggin’ awesome.

christmas wine glass decor


Cool new way to turn your wine glass into a Christmas decor.



You know those letters you can buy from Typo? Get letters that form words like “Joy”, “Noel”, “Xmas” or “Love”, then cover the front of them with Christmas-themed wrapping paper. Voila!

ice ornaments

These are so cool (pun unintended!) but only great if you’re staying somewhere that snows. Should I make and hang them in my freezer, just for photo opportunity’s sake? :p Learn how to make them!


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