The SK-II Festive Set I Have My Eyes On This Christmas

Christmas is almost here, have you started your year-end shopping? Better start working on that shopping list if you haven’t, because, trust me, it’ll get more stressful to work through that list as Christmas gets closer.

SK-II always presents beautiful sets during this festive season that are great, not just as gifts, but also as collectibles. This year, I have my eyes on the Aura Glow Festive Set. This luxurious kit includes several of the brand’s bestsellers, including:

  • Limited edition Facial Treatment Essence (215ml)
  • Cellumination Aura Essence (50ml)
  • Cellumination Deep Surge EX (50g)
  • Whitening Derm Revival Mask (1pc)

sk-ii aura festive set

This limited edition and specially-designed set retails at S$532, saving you S$223 (compared to if you had bought each product individually), and contains all my favourite products from SK-II.

The Cellumination Aura Essence and Cellumination Deep Surge EX in particular, are a potent duo that I absolutely love. Both have superior textures and address the skin brightening concerns – a common issue that women in their late 20s to 30s face, and definitely something we’d want to fix before we attend any year-end parties. The Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask, on the other hand, makes a great SOS treatment before any important appointment.

While I can head down to the counter with the rest of the Christmas shopping crowd to get my beauty fix, I thought since I’m already familiar with what I’d be getting, considering I’m a longtime user, I’d rather sit in the comfort of my own house and browse and shop for products from SK-II online instead. It’s super convenient and I really appreciate that I didn’t have to get on the road when everyone is out on Christmas shopping mission.

Besides the latest gift sets this season from SK-II, the usual offerings from the brand is also available on shopping sites like Zalora. Check them out, if you like me, hate to squeeze with shopping crowds.



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