My close encounter with Maria Sharapova!

utt and maria sharapova

We all know Singapore is hosting the WTA, so it’s no wonder that the top 8 female tennis players have arrived at our shores. While I’m no tennis fan, I was lucky to have the opportunity to meet an International tennis star. So I brought along someone who could appreciate it more – Joe.

2014-10-15 18.35.20

TAG Heuer and evian organised a big event at the White Rabbit for us media and influencers to interact with Maria Sharapova. With TAG Heuer’s belief of not allowing oneself to crack under pressure, and evian’s attitude towards living young, there were a few games planned out that stay true to their mission and vision.

One of the more memorable games was the table tennis game which Joe played against Maria Sharapova. Click here to view the video.

Too bad we didn’t get to interact with her more as she had to rush to launch her Sugarpova candies at Robinsons.


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