10 Bags For Work: There’s One For Each Personality!

There are two things women can’t get enough of: shoes and bags. For me, even when I already owned quite a number of bags, I know I still need another one in a colour I don’t already have in my stash, or maybe another bag in a size that’s perfect for a certain occasion.

Here are 10 bags that I’ve shortlisted from online shopping site, Lazada, which are great for work – one for every type of personality:

Mini Shopper Tote

mini shopper tote

Show your enthusiasm at the workplace with this shopper tote (S$24.90). I love the vibrant colour and that it’s spacious. It comes with two zipped sections that you can access from the top opening.

2-Way Bowling Tote

2 way bowling tote

Beige and black are colours that go easily with any getup. This tote (S$20.90), while featuring these two neutral shades, isn’t boring, thanks to the contrasting materials used. I love that it also comes with a detachable strap that I can carry as a crossbody if I want to.

 LZD Quilted Crossbody With Lock

quilted cross body with lock<

The structured shape of this crossbody bag (S$38.90) makes it a minimalist’s choice for a work bag. The quilted design gives it a polished appearance and the lock clasp makes accessing the contents in the bag easier.

Belt Buckle Flap Satchel

belt buckle flap satchel

This satchel (S$26.90) comes in a gorgeous yellow shade that will pop from any getup. Wear it with an all-black outfit to make it stand out, mix it up with different colours to put together an eclectic ensemble.

Round Lid Bucket Backpack

round lid bucket backpack

This round lid bucket backpack (S$30.90) is super cute and I’m sure it’s not something that most people have in their bag collection. While totes are a popular option for work, a backpack is actually convenient because it keeps your hands free, and is better for your shoulders.

Large Flap Cover Tote

large flap cover tote

This large flap cover tote (S$38.90) catches my eyes because of the contrasting red details that outline the bag. It comes with a detachable strap that you can choose to hang the bag on your shoulder, or hold it in your hand like a briefcase. It’s spacious, so it can even double up as a laptop carrier.

2-Way Trapeze Tote

2 way trapeze tote

Highlight your go-getting personality with a bag that looks like it meant business. This trapeze tote (S$24.90) features an interesting texture and gold hardware that give it a polished look. It’ll certainly go well with your power suit.

Double Strap Satchel

double strap satchel

I love the vintage look that this satchel (S$32.90) has. Its slightly worn-out look makes it appear casual enough for dress-down Fridays, while the dull brown shade and gold hardware still makes it appropriate for holding important documents when meeting a client.

Drawstring Bucket Bag

drawstring bucket bag

A drawstring bucket bag (S$16.90) is convenient because its size can be adjusted based on the contents you’ve put into it. Its adjustable strap also means you can choose to carry it as a tote or as a crossbody.

Tote With Buckle Design

tote with buckle design

This canvas and leatherette tote (S$20.90) is one that will coordinate well with any work outfit, making it a smart investment. Its structured body also means that you can organise and find your belongings easily.

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