See My New House & Taobao Haul For It Via 65Daigou

After the wedding haul, Keith and I shopped again on Taobao. This time, for our newly-renovated house!

Here’s, for the first time, sharing with you how our new house looks like 🙂

black and white renovation

black and white renovation 2

black and white renovation 5   black and white renovation 3

black and white renovation 4

As you can see, we went for a black and white theme, something that our interior designer pulled off really well. She also did our space planning impressively, making our house look bigger than what we expected after everything is moved in. I’d really recommend her, so drop me a comment or email if you want her contacts.

Now that everything is more or less set, we started shopping for the smaller items.

Taobao has an amazing collection when it comes to home furnishing. You can even buy huge furniture from there, at crazy prices. But our furniture are mainly taken care of by my amazing interior designer who helps us choose them, so we bought the other essentials from Taobao instead.

Take a look at what we bought!

Because of our black and white theme, the items we chose are in black, white or transparent.

We got this really cool transparent bathroom weighing scale. It’s digital and looks really sleek. This was just for $34.

weighing scale

These jars that we use to hold our sugar, salt and coffee can be bought singly, or like us, in threes and comes with a holder at the bottom. And it’s only $12.29!

sugar jars

sugar jars 2

We are intending to do up a photo wall along a corridor (that you can’t see from the photos I’ve shared). These photo frames of different sizes allow us to get creative with the formation. And $6.98 for all these. (YES!)

photo frames

This is my favourite purchase because it’s sooooo adorable. A door stopper that looks like a guy trying to push at our door. We’ve actually spotted this selling at some quirky shops for more than $20 but we got it at just $6.04. Quite sure it’ll be a conversation-starter for our guests.

door stopper

door stopper 2

Finally, a magnetic holder that we put at the refrigerator. It also allows us to hang kitchen wipes. It is absolutely strong and this helps us to save space and avoid clutter on the tables. This costs just $10.83.

condiments holder

I’ve been told by many people that they know Taobao carries lots of cheap treasures but they just can’t navigate through the complicated website that’s only in Chinese. I use 65daigou, an agent of Taobao, and it makes the shopping process a piece of cake.

It helps convert Taobao URLs into simple-to-follow instructions in English for you to fill in, it handles the shipping from China to Singapore and delivers the package to you safely. It’s a painless process.

I’ve shared the purchase process when I talked about my wedding haul from Taobao, so you can refer to it if you want to know the steps to do it.

Create an account at 65daigou and start shopping!


5 thoughts on “See My New House & Taobao Haul For It Via 65Daigou

    1. Hi Justin, they’re all in the article 🙂 You won’t see any of the items in the house photos. The items are bought are shot individually at the second half of the article. I bought the photo frames and door stopper for the living room. Weighing machine for the bedroom. The containers for the kitchen. All photos are in the article. Hope this helps.

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