Taobao Shopping Via 65Daigou For My Wedding Essentials

I’ve been hearing about the amazing Taobao and how it had helped many budget-brides save on their weddings. But I’ve never really dared delve into the giant monster that is Taobao. While my Chinese standard is pretty good, the site and it’s huge archive of items, wall of text and the whole coordination of shipping etc. just overwhelms me. That’s why I never stepped into it.

Until I learnt about 65daigou and how it acts as an agent between the consumer and Taobao (as well as other foreign shopping sites). I decided to give it a shot. And guess what – it turns out to be quite a breeze!

Here’s the step-by-step on how to do it:

Click on image to enlarge it.


Paste the url of the Taobao item that you’d like to purchase into 65daigou


A screen like this pops up, where you can select quantity, colour/type (under remarks) and how you want it to be shipped. There’s even a field where you can choose whether you want to go for an alternative or to discard the order if what you want is out of stock.


It is then added to the cart!


Continue adding what you want into the cart by going through the same steps.


When you click on check out. A summary is shown.



Proceed to pay via bank transfers.

All orders are consolidated and shipped to you together. Assuming you continue to buy items via 65daigou in the next few days, all parcels are tracked in your account too. This way, you can actually choose to only arrange for delivery when all your parcels arrive in Singapore.

There are free collection options, as well as an affordable home delivery service that you can go for. I opted for the home delivery one because I bought too many things!

What I also like about it is the personal service that I get from the 65daigou staff. Whenever there’s an issue or query from the seller, someone from65daigou writes to me (I can access these messages via email or through my daigou account) to ask me how I would like to proceed in English.

For instance, for one of the items that I bought, because it carries magnet, it cannot be sent via air, but only via sea. This obviously has an impact on delivery date, and I get a message asking me how I’d like to proceed.

In another instance, an item that’s really light but very bulky comes with a high volumetric weight that will set my shipping cost to really high. Instead of proceeding, the staff wrote to me to find out if I’d like to drop the order (which I did).

Anyway, I know what you’re waiting for… a show of what I’ve bought for the wedding! Many of them are meant for decorations that are in line with our theme for the wedding — Journey.


A cute “getaway” car


A tissue box that we’re thinking if it can work as an angbao box (probably not, but we can still use it to hold tissue paper at home.)


Tea ceremony set


Dragon and phoenix candles that my parents will be giving Keith’s parents during the betrothal ceremony.


They customise it! I’m hanging this on the bridal car.


This is also for the betrothal ceremony. It even comes in a nice box.

bought_Items_daigou04a bought_Items_daigou04b


We got this for our groomsmen.


A mini projector that I’ll share what use it’s for in later posts 😉


A really pretty globe for reception area decoration, but will look great in my house’s shelves too.


A model of a plane — SIA!

I bought 12 items in all and only paid around $300 altogether (including price of products, shipping fees, agent fees and delivery fees). It’s very good value for money, if you ask me.

A globe, for instance, if I were to buy from shops in Singapore, would have already set me aside by more than $100 – let alone this magnetic one (that looks like it’s floating) and turns when you plug it in. Things like tea ceremony set, I’ve seen in wedding shops, can also be close to $100 or more.

Visit Taobao and 65daigou to start shopping now 🙂 You can also visit 65daigou on their Facebook and Instagram pages.


3 thoughts on “Taobao Shopping Via 65Daigou For My Wedding Essentials

    1. Hi Monser,

      I understand from their FAQ that DHL takes 4 days and Express takes 6 days minimum.

      For mine, because I did three batches of purchases, using air and sea mail (because the globe that I bought contains magnet), overall it took 14 days to reach me. But note that I only requested for them to deliver to me when all three parcels reach, including the globe.

      Hope my answer helps!

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