Recollecting 2013…

People often say that time appears to move faster as they grow older. I kind of have a logical explanation to why this felt so. When you’re 5, one year is like 20% of your life. But when you’re 25, it’s only 4% of your life! Now, wait till you’re 50, one year makes up just 2% of your life! Gasp.

While 2013 does feel like it flew past for me, sitting down at a quiet corner, just recollecting what happened in the year is kind of bittersweet for me – ok, probably more sweet than bitter. Here are some of the most exciting things that happened to me this year:

    • I started Daily Vanity with Keith. We’ve been colleagues before and even up till when we started dating, I’ve never thought of him as a potential business partner. Keith and I are both “builders” who love to create things that we can call our own and Daily Vanity is that project we’ve been slogging happily for. It’s seen much progress within a short span of time and I’m just really grateful for it every day.
      (The Daily Vanity journey comes with a whole set of milestones that I will share on a separate post).

daily vanity 2

daily vanity 1

  • I turned this blog into a “me blog”. I first started blogging when I was in university, when I was 19. Then, I was thrown into an environment where I felt was a little too massive to what I’m used to, and a little lonely. Also, I started a spiritual journey and thought that a blog was a great way to keep stock of things. Later on, lots of teenage drama happened and I decided to shut it down. THEN, I started Beauty Sorority just to chronicle the products I’ve tried and share with like-minded people about them. The old Beauty Sorority was probably informative, but I never really do much personal reflections. Now, with Daily Vanity taking over the beauty duty, I decided to reserve this space to writing about stuff that are closer to my heart.
  • Keith proposed to me. You might have probably seen the proposal video. I’m so grateful that he made it super special and it’s a story I always enjoy telling whenever someone asks about it.  It even got published on Zaobao and My Paper – a great way to immortalise the moment.

proposal preparation 5

  • I went on a press trip. Thanks to the invitation from Elizabeth Arden, I went for my press trip representing Daily Vanity. Coming from a publishing background, I understand how most beauty brands still see a “difference” between print media and digital media. Having done PR myself, I know why this is so and how this is so, and that’s why I’m very elated to see steps taken to engage more with members of digital media. This press trip invitation was more important to me than just going for a free trip. It tells me that digital media is taken a progressive step towards being recognised as a “serious” media, and also because it tells me that Daily Vanity is handpicked as a good representative of digital media, as far as beauty content is concerned. Anyway, I had planned to share some photos of the trip with you, but I just haven’t got time for it.

press trip

    • I met Anna Sui, Xiao Kai Lao Shi and Olivia Ong. These are movers and shakers I’ve always admired and it was a surreal feeling to have them so close to me and have a conversation with them.


olivia ong interview

    • I got a new job. And I actually really like my new company, new colleagues and job scope. Once again, I’m just super grateful that everything’s going right.


  • I pushed my limits to time management. Those who know me since maybe 10 years ago would probably know that I’m a multi-tasker who can’t stay still. I need to fill all my time with productive activities and having “free time” just bore me out of my wits. Even in university, for instance, I would fill my after-class hours with tuition (as in, giving them), ministry work in school and in church, writing… But this year, it kind of got even more crazy with my after-work hours and weekends filled with work for Daily Vanity, preparing for the wedding and the house. It’s like everything gets thrown in my direction and I need to quickly pick up plates to catch and hold them. The lucky thing is that I’ve got Keith to help me do the juggling act and he, like me, is crazy about time management and project management, and it really helps that we work really well as a team. Planning for the wedding with him is like hiring two wedding planners, I’d always say. We’re both super on-the-ball. And no, don’t worry, I’m not stressed out. At least not yet.

And yes, these are some of the highlights from 2013. As for new year’s resolutions… let’s save it for another blog entry because I need to move to my next task now – I’ve only allocated 20 minutes for blogging today.


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