Surprise Proposal At The HDB estate

Finally! The proposal video is ready.

Once again, I’d like to thank my friends (Hui Hui, Jueqi, Lizhuang, Peiwen, Shn, Sinye, Tianming, Yiling) and family for being part of this memory. And big thanks to other friends who can’t be there (Charlene, Jessie, Sihan, Tianyun).

I know it’s not easy keeping secrets from me because I’m paranoid and suspicious smart and not gullible but you guys pulled it off!

And of course big thanks to my fiance, the love of my life, Keith Toh, who’s spent several late nights planning this surprise for me, and to coordinate with my nearest and dearest to organise this mega party.

Here’s evidence of him working hard till the wee hours:

proposal preparation

Special thanks to Sinye too, whom I know is responsible for a lot of the coordinating and planning, and for Leslie, my dearest bro, aka the “spy” at home.

Here are photos from the night of proposal and the video:

proposal preparation 2

proposal preparation 3

proposal preparation 4

proposal preparation 5

proposal preparation 6

proposal preparation 7


Thank you, video crew, for bringing down so many cameras and equipment to make sure that this memory is recorded 🙂


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