What To Expect For Your First Appointment At The Bridal Studio

Well, that was the question I ask myself when Keith set the appointment to meet up with French Weddings. In the end, we’re just two clueless people, not knowing what to expect. Keith told me to do some “homework” so we can have some ideas to share with the designer (my dress will be made to measure), and I did that – googled for “bridal gowns” and compiled the bridal gowns that I like. But you see, these are dresses that I think look good on the models – but I have no idea how they will look on me, and that’s all that mattered, right?

After spending almost two hours at the studio, trying out gowns after gowns (which, trust me, is a super tiring process), this was the one that I thought I liked.

my bridal gown at french weddings

And this dress, if you recall, doesn’t look like any of the dresses that I shortlisted. So, after this experience, here are tips that I have gathered to take note of at the first appointment:

  • Try as many dresses as you can: Well, it’s free-of-charge! Just try as many as you can, so you’ll know what looks good on you. While it’s a tiring process, it’s going to be helpful.
  • Keep an open mind: I thought that I would want something with a slightly higher waistline and has many lace details. However, after trying out many dresses, I realise that drop-waist designs look more flattering on me and I actually prefer organza as the main material.
  • Be yourself: Ask yourself if it is a dress that you can see yourself in. There was a dress that look absolutely gorgeous and was flattering on me, however, it has a touch of opulence that I thought was a bit too over-the-top for me. I didn’t think I was going to feel comfortable with it, and so I passed over it.
  • Go general, then go niche: When you’ve zeroed in to the type of dresses you like (in my case, organza material, drop waist), ask for more dresses that fall into this category. That way, you’ll know you’ll get closer to picking out your dream dress.

Anyhow, my second appointment with the designer would be to work with him to sketch out a mock-up for the actual dress that they will be tailoring for me. And by then, I already know what types of dresses I look best in, and now it’s time to do useful “homework”! These are the looks that contains elements that I like:

bridal gown with ruches

organza bridal gowns

bubble skirt and weave bridal gown

bridal gown with bubble skirt

My designer has already sketched out the mock-up and I’m super happy with what I saw. I actually have it with me but I decided that I want to save it for later – and show it to you together with the final dress when it’s done up, which will probably be in January to February 🙂


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