Stay In Shape Retreat At Amara Sanctuary

You’ve seen the Larkhill Terrace that Keith and I stayed in when we were at Amara Sanctuary. Now, I’ve finally found time to share with you the rest of the exciting line-up we went through when we were having our vacation there.

The package that we went for was the Stay In Shape retreat, which included a 45-minute training session at Aileron Wellness.

aileron amara sanctuary 7

aileron amara sanctuary 6

When I went to visit the spa at Amara Sanctuary a few months ago, I went past Aileron Wellness. It is situated above the spa and is a quiet area where you can look out to the greens. (Then again, it’s not that tough when Amara Sanctuary is literally surrounded by flora and fauna).

It’s kind of strange to simply call Aileron Wellness a “gym” since it’s really very different from the conventional gyms that I’ve seen. Besides the superior environment, Aileron Wellness has interestingly split its space into two parts – the traditional gym and the play area.

This is how the traditional area looks like. And if you look carefully, it isn’t all that traditional too. One of the machines that they are equipped with is the Power Plate, which vibrates as you do your routines on it, hence, making the intensity higher than if you have done them on normal ground.

Our trainer for the day, Keith (not my Keith, but another Keith), who is the owner of Aileron Wellness, brought us through sequences like squats on the Power Plate. With the help of the Power Plate, it is indeed more intense than my usual squatting routine, and stretch just the right muscles. It’s best to have a trainer with you when you are using the machine for the first time, though. I realise I find it easy to get the right position with Keith guiding me to it.

Even (my) Keith who works out regularly, finds this more straining than his usual workout. I guess this means that the training at Aileron Wellness is working!

aileron amara sanctuary 5

After a few minutes of warming up at the traditional area, we went to the play area for some circuit training. This playground is equipped with all kinds of interesting tools and equipment, and furnished with grassy carpets and a lot of open spaces, it reminds me very much of my primary school PE classes – but with a professional trainer, and professional routine.

Keith brought us through the different stations and showed us what we were supposed to do at each of them.

aileron amara sanctuary 3

aileron amara sanctuary 4

Every station trains our core muscle and more. One of the most interesting stations is probably the interactive punching bag area. Like an arcade game, after tapping on the start button, different parts of the stands light up and we are to punch or kick the lit part to turn it off. It trains your reaction and gets you to run around a little. It may look simple, but it can be quite challenging. It’s super fun, though!

Here’s (my) Keith and I having a go at it.

aileron amara sanctuary

aileron amara sanctuary 2

We had a really good time and learnt so much from Keith about physical training and overall well-being. He and his team bring along with them a set of certified skills that you may not be able to get in normal gyms. The state-of-the-art equipment is definitely something to shout about as well. I find the non-intimidating environment another great plus for those who want to get out of their workout rut and finally have fun while training up.

After washing up, we went to Shutters Restaurant for a healthy dinner. We’ve heard so much about Shutters Restaurant and was really excited to finally visit it.

The ambience is elegant and quiet in the evening, and I think it makes for a very cosy and romantic venue for dinner.

We started off the meal (you get to choose the items) with a glass of fruit juice.

shutters amara sanctuary 1

shutters amara sanctuary 2

shutters amara sanctuary 3

shutters amara sanctuary 4

We completed the night at Tier Bar, where we were served herb-infused cocktails. The chilli and pepper concoction was extremely interesting – thought it’s definitely not for the weak-hearted, because it’s so strong!

As for the rest, they include halia tea cocktail and lemongrass cocktail, all of them really easy on the palate and I enjoyed them very much.

tier bar

tier bar amara sanctuary


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