Wedding dresses I love

Keith and I have confirmed our bridal package with French Weddings and have scheduled for our first appointment in a few weeks’ time.

And so I’m supposed to attend it with some ideas in mind and seriously, this is tougher than I thought. Well, first, I think the gown that I’m going to wear to the church is of utmost importance to me and I definitely want it to be white. However, white isn’t quite my favourite colour (I think I have less than 5 white items in my wardrobe).

The other problem – I hardly wear gowns (besides my school prom eons ago) and I simply can’t visualise myself in one. This means that even if I’ve shortlisted the looks that I like (on models), it may not mean that it’ll be the look that I want on myself.

Nonetheless, I guess I still gotta do some homework, and here’s sharing some inspirations that I’ve had with everyone:

ruches at the torso area

My thoughts: Yes to a long veil, asymmetrical look (see straps) and ruches at the torso area.

a line skirt, ankle length

My thoughts: This actually looks a bit dated (perhaps it’s the gloves. Very Mary Poppins! But I actually like the silhouette of an A-line skirt – it gives that prim, proper but very elegant look that I’m in favour of for a wedding gown.

laced details at hem

My thoughts: I’m not sure about the high neck (because my neck is so short). But I think the details at the hem are absolutely gorgeous!

laced details on sleeves and v neck line

My thoughts: I don’t like sweetheart neck lines but if comes with some kind of lacy sleeves, it’s a yes, yes, yes!

laced sleeves

My thoughts: I’m opened to the idea of laced sleeves too (okay, by now you should know which is my favourite material in the world).


My thoughts: I like the details on the lace above the bodice.


My thoughts: A huge skirt that looks like clouds will probably make me look like I’m in cloud nine, no? I hope it won’t be too heavy.


My thoughts: This looks very elegant! I’ve got a dress with a rather similar neckline and I thought it looks fine on me.

P/S: I will update this post whenever I find something pretty.

Are these sufficient ideas to share with the designer? Or do I have to look for more inspirations? Which of these looks do you like best?


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