Review: Nana’s Green Tea

I’ve been to Nana Green Tea, located at Plaza Singapura, and that visit was a pleasant one. I remembered I was with my friends at Skinny Pizza (just next door) for dinner, but decided to have a change of environment because it was just too noisy in there.

Interestingly, the waiter seemed to be able to read our minds as well loitered outside Nana Green Tea, pondering if we should settle in there. “The music here is quite soft. And I can get you a quieter table at the corner if you want.”

I wonder if he’s got some kind of psychic power. But I always feel that good customer service is when you can pre-empt what your customer wants. So, this was quite impressive for me.

He did usher us to a quiet corner, and I liked the Zen interior of the cafe, which I later learnt that was supposed to look like “floating tables”, as an allusion to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Anyway, this time round, I visited the cafe as a guest for its media tasting. Keith, Leslie and Marie joined me at the session and we had a blast.

We started the session off with some drinks.

Could you guess what they are?

nana-greentea drinks

From left, clockwise: Hoji Chocolate Latte (S$8), Hoji Cream Latte (S$7.50), Hoji Latte (S7), Uji Matcha (S$7.50) and the last one should be another variant of the Hoji tea.

Hoji is roasted green tea, and it gives off this pleasant “burnt” taste that I really enjoyed. I ordered the normal Hoji latte (third one) that is Hoji tea flavoured with sugar and milk.

Leslie, who is a huge matcha fan, ordered the Uji Matcha, which is what I’d probably call the “green tea expresso”. If you’re a matcha fan like he is, then you’d probably like how rich and fragrant this drink is. It’s contained in a traditional cup, and there’s very little of the tea in it (much like espresso).

For appetisers, we ordered the Salmon Carpaccio (S$8.80) and Tuna Carpaccio (S$9.80). I’m not usually a tuna fan, but this dish was done so perfectly, I ended up eating quite a few pieces of it. Both dishes feature really fresh salmon and tuna, thinly sliced and moderately flavoured.

I will definitely recommend this to you, and will order it for myself at my next visit. The refreshing taste makes the food that are to be served later more welcoming.

nana-greentea salmon carpaccio

nana-greentea tuna carpaccio

We also had the teriyaki chicken and sushi. Both dishes are palatable, but nothing to really shout about.




Then came the main courses, and this is the point all of us went like “OMG! TOO MUCH FOOD!”

We ended up ordering only udon, but take note that Nana’s Green Tea actually serves don as well.

Here’s our first udon, the Waka Tama Udon (S$11.80). This is a hot udon served in clear soup, with fresh seaweed and a poached egg. It tastes very light on the palate and is probably a great choice for those who want something that is healthier.

nana-greentea waka tama udon

I like that the taste of the seaweed is rich and it makes the soup really nice to savour. A closer look at it:

nana-greentea waka tama udon

If you can’t make up your mind about the main course when you visit Nana’s Green Tea next time, I’d suggest that you go for one of these. They’re doused in super special goma cream sauce (sesame cream sauce) and I really like how it tastes. I’m a huge fan of the goma dressing used in Japanese salads by the way, and this could be why. But even if you’re not a huge fan like me, try it! I haven’t really seen udon cooked in goma sauce anywhere else here (let me know if you’ve seen it before), and I really like the novelty.

This is the Mushi-Dori Goma Dare Udon (S$13.80), which features steamed chicken fillets. It is also garnished with cucumber and cherry tomatoes, making this dish more refreshing than it looks.

nana-greentea mushi-dori goma dare udon

I’m not a huge fan of prawns, yet I really enjoyed this one – the Ebi Goma Dare Udon (S$14.80). The prawns used were really fresh and succulent, so it doesn’t have the fishy taste of prawns at all (which I hate, and am very, very sensitive to). I love how avocado and cucumbers are added to the udon (I LOVE avocado). This udon is cold, by the way, which is probably a bonus for those who love their cold soba and Korean naengmeyon.


A closer look at the dish. Can you see how good the prawns look?

nana-greentea ebi goma dare udon

I can never get enough of salmon, so even after the salmon carpaccio, I still looked forward to the Salmon Udon with Cream Sauce (S$14.80). This is garnished with sesame, but note that it’s not the goma cream sauce that’s used in the last two dishes.

While this was pleasant, I’d say that it’s still a far cry away from the ebi udon.

nana-greentea salmon udon with cream sauce

So we had clear soup, goma cream sauce, cream sauce, and now… curry sauce. We ordered the Ebi Fried Curry Udon (S$14.80), which is really quite a treat. It fills you up really fast though, so order this only if you’re very hungry and prepared to eat a lot.

nana-greentea ebi fried curry udon


I guess any visit to Nana’s Green Tea is never complete without their desserts. We ordered the Matcha Shiratama Parfait (S$11.80), which is featured on the menu with three stars.

This pretty dessert features several layers – green tea jelly, matcha syrup, soft serve vanilla ice-cream, corn flakes, garnished with matcha ice-cream, red bean paste, mochi, whipped cream and drizzled with matcha syrup. Basically, it’s got everything that a Japanese dessert lover would probably love.

Eating it is super fun too, because it’s like you’re a treasure hunter, digging into the dish with your spoon, trying to see what gets picked up.

Here’s a photo of me happily taking a photo of the dessert with my phone. You can probably tell I’m quite satisfied. And Marie in the background.

nana-greentea matcha shiratama parfait

We also ordered the Matcha Anmitsu, another three-star item on the menu. This is a scoop of matcha icecream served with red bean paste and white mochi, Japanese jelly and you can douse it with caramelised brown sugar syrup.

nana-greentea matcha anmitsu

nana-greentea matcha anmitsu




Nana’s Green Tea is located at #03-80/82, The Atrium @ Orchard, Plaza Singapura. It’s opened daily from 11am to 10pm.


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