Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa Staycation at Larkhill Terrace Villa

Keith and I were at the Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa for a staycation and stayed at the villa at the Larkhill Terrace.

Right at the lobby, we were set to the vacation mood immediately.

amara sanctuary lobby

All thanks to their ice-cream cart (which I realise is only at the lobby for a short time) where we get free ice-cream! I mean, how do you not feel like you’re holidaying with free ice-creams, right?

ice-cream cart at amara sanctuary

And a standard feature at the lobby of Amara Sanctuary Resort is the drinks and kachang puteh station. You have to definitely try the ice tea (the one on the right). It’s a signature of Amara Sanctuary Resort and it’s a super thirst-quenching treat that you gotta try.

ice tea at amara sanctuary

kristen and keith at amara sanctuary - ice-cream

A little bit about Larkhill Terrace.

This was originally occupied by the Scripture Union, a Christian organisation for Sunday school, and has now been converted to this beautifully restored and charmingly quiet extension at the Amara Sanctuary Resort.

You probably know from my staycation at Capella that I really enjoy some serenity and privacy when I go for a getaway. Amara Sanctuary Resort, situated amidst lush greenery in Sentosa is already in a very reclusive spot, but the Larkhill Terrace is something like a hidden gem within this respite.

Our villa at the Larkhill Terrace was the largest in the building, so it was a real treat for us. How big is it exactly? A picture paints a thousand words, so I’m going to share photos with you and take you on a virtual tour.

We were greeted by a huge living room when we opened the door. It comes with a long sofa, TV and a work area.

amara sanctuary larkhill terrace living room

But that’s not all to it. Keep walking and open the door at the end of the room. Ta-dah!

amara sanctuary larkhill terrace balcony and daybed

A balcony complete with a day bed and fan (very important when you want to hang out at the balcony!)

I love that the balcony actually allows you to hang out at, instead of just a narrow corridor to place two chairs and nothing else. The balcony also overlooks the infinity pool and jacuzzi, both facilities exclusive to Larkhill Terrace guests, so it’s very private.

amara sanctuary larkhill terrace balcony and daybed 2

amara sanctuary larkhill terrace swimming pool

The balcony is probably Keith and my favourite spot in the entire villa, because it’s just a great place to chill out and relax. And the day bed is good for napping, haha!

In fact, we love the balcony so much, we made tea and dined there when we called for in-room dining.

chilling out at the daybed at amara sanctuary

The food by Shutters Restaurant is amazing! (I’m going to have a separate post about this) We ordered chicken and cod fish, and both tasted really good.

chicken shutters amara sanctuary

cod fish shutteres amara sanctuary

We were surprised by how great the Creme Brulee, that’s flavoured by jackfruit tasted. In fact, we enjoyed it more than the main courses (which were already really good).

jackfruit creme brulee amara sanctuary

amara sanctuary larkhill terrace balcony and daybed 3 amara sanctuary larkhill terrace balcony and daybed 4

Now that you’ve viewed the balcony, let’s walk back to the living room.

amara sanctuary larkhill terrace living room 3

See that door next to the TV? That leads to the bedroom.

The whole setup just makes me feel like royalty and want to laze all day (there’s a TV in the room too, by the way)

amara sanctuary larkhill terrace bedroom

In the room too, is the Nespresso machine, as well as a fridge filled with goodies we can eat for free, and also tea.

amara sanctuary larkhill terrace nespresso machine

See the door at the right of the bedroom? Let’s walk through it.

What we saw was a small corridor. On the left is the toilet, and on the right a shower room. Right in front, a bathtub greeted us.

amara sanctuary larkhill terrace bathroom

amara sanctuary larkhill terrace bathroom 2

amara sanctuary larkhill terrace shower room

ceiling to floor window at bathroom

The bathroom comes with a his and her basin area, which means we don’t have to share our grooming areas – which is nice touch that I love. The ceiling-to-floor window by the bathtub is really nice too, but of course, you need to have it drawn when you want to take a bath.

Overall, the villa looks exactly like how I’d want my house in the future to be. The set-up, the furnishing and the interior design really give off an understated elegance, and at the same time, a relaxing vibe.

I will journal about my experience at the Aileron Wellness gym, meal at Shutters Restaurant and drinks session at Tier Bar in the next few posts. Wait for them!

The stay is sponsored by Amara Sanctuary Resort, but opinions are mine.


3 thoughts on “Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa Staycation at Larkhill Terrace Villa

  1. Hi there! I know this post has been a while back.. I just wanna check with you if you remember the room number for this one. Each terrace varies on the inside and I specifically like this particular! Please help!

    1. Hey! I can’t remember what’s the room number, I’m sorry. But mine is in the centre of the row, Possibly the fourth room or something (and Room 3 and 4 are the same I think!) I hope this helps!

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