Bangkok With The Girls: Day 3 Itinerary

The third day was tai-tai (wannabe) day for us, when we travelled all over the world, manicure, foot massage, high tea, shopping and cocktails. First stop, one of Bangkok’s newest mall, Terminal 21. This is a super interesting shopping destination where the guards are dressed like stewards and pilots, each floor represents a different city, interior either looks like an airport or designed after the city it’s supposed to represent. The three of us went crazy visiting the toilets at every floor so we could take photos of them. Even the janitors at different floors are dressed according to the theme of the floor their taking care of. It’s really an interesting sight.

terminal 21 - london bus

terminal 21 - tokyo toilet camwhore

terminal 21 - tokyo toilet

terminal 21 - three of us

terminal 21 - paris toilet

terminal 21 - golden bridge

terminal 21 - janitor

Then we decided to pop into one of the manicure parlours there to get ourselves a manicure treat.

terminal 21 - manicure

terminal 21 - manicure 2

terminal 21 - manicure 3

Mine’s the black and pink set! We travelled to Grand Hyatt ‘s Erawan Tea Room for afternoon tea. The hotel looks really posh and service of the floor staff was impeccable.

hyatt hotel - high tea

This is a set for three. We didn’t have lunch but this was good enough to fill us up as a full meal. The set consists of both savoury and sweet snacks, and many of them are traditional Thai snacks, so the experience was very interesting for us. The food tasted really good too.

hyatt hotel - high tea set

hyatt hotel - three of uis

The high tea was definitely one of the highlights for me at this trip and I’ll be sure to come back the next time I’m in Bangkok. Just take note that it’s rather popular, so always make a reservation. We didn’t, and had to be put on the waiting list. We waited for about an hour before we could get a table. At the meanwhile we went to the malls nearby and went for a foot massage (there’s nothing interesting to buy there). Our pampering, luxurious day was ruined when we visited the Platinum Mall area. We thought we could do some shopping and dinner before heading out for drinks, and then we realised that Platinum Mall closes at around 7pm. We went out and saw lots of street stalls being set up instead. We originally browsed, and then we started squatting down at the stalls and flipping through piles of clothes to fish for good buys.

outside platinum mall shopping 2

outside platinum mall shopping 1

The items were really, really cheap and if you would take some time to really go through them, you’ll be able to find really nice stuff.

We went back to our hotel and got ready for Sirocco, located at The Dome at Lebua. This place has become a “must-visit” spot for me in Bangkok because it’s such a great place to chill out at.

Dinner there is relatively expensive, but going for just a drink shouldn’t break the bank.

sirocco bangkok - getting ready

sirocco bangkok - camwhore 2

sirocco bangkok - camwhore

sirocco bangkok - drinking  

sirocco bangkok - pillar

sirocco bangkok - hh and kj

sirocco bangkok- drinking 2

sirocco bangkok - three of us


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