I Met Anna Sui In Person!

Thanks to the invitation from Anna Sui (the brand, not the person), I got the chance to see Anna Sui in person at the Anna Sui 15th Anniversary celebrations in Singapore!

I attended the event with two of my closest friends, Shn and Jessie, and The Fiance. Photos ahead:


Four of us having fun at the photo booth. Keith looking really crazy here.


Jess and I attempting a supermodel pose. I failed. Big time.


The Fiance tried an artistic shot of me with Anna Sui products on display. See me in the mirror?

anna sui 2

Meet Anna Sui up close and personal


Here she is! Anna Sui greeting the crowd.


Another one of her addressing us.

anna sui at singapore event

Kinda surreal to see the legendary Anna Sui in person.


And yay! A shot with Anna Sui! Once in a lifetime experience, for sure.

with anna sui

Another shot!


Final picture of The Fiance and me.


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