Review: Sunday Brunch Buffet at Lime, Parkroyal On Pickering

Launched for barely a month, Sunday Brunch at Lime, at Parkroyal on Pickering,  is a treat that I’m quite impressed with. I’ve previously reviewed the St Gregory Spa at the new hotel, and said that I really love the design of the hotel.

Lime Park Royal Pickering

sunday brunch buffet at lime restaurant parkroyal on pickering

In my spa review, I mentioned briefly about teething problem with the service at Lime. This seems to have greatly improved. While I was still left feeling a little lost when I arrive at the door, with no staff nearby to usher me in, the service once I got in  was quite impeccable.

Plates were cleared away fast, staff took the initiative to help me out with retrieving food when they see me struggling, and they were also very chirpy – always with a ready smile, which makes my Sunday afternoon so much more joyous. There’s something infectious about smiles, so I always feel that those in the service line have to be generous with them to make their guests happier.

Special mention goes out to Yus, who was especially charming. His chats with us was friendly without being intrusive, and helped us understand a lot more about the meal, about wine-pairing, and about the restaurant. He also coaxed us to drink a little more – just like how a host would have done to his party guests.

Anyway, back to the food.

This is an international buffet that has the option of free flow Piper Heidsieck Champagne. There’s also red wine and white wine available, for those who aren’t so into bubbly.

Lime Park Royal Pickering Champagn

I went for the salads first and was first attracted by the Avocado Tartare with Tuna Tataki and Roe. It looks really pretty and tastes fantastic too. All ingredients are fresh and so the dish leaves a invigorating taste in your mouth.

avocado tartare with tuna

But my favourite from the salads is the Vine Tomatoes with Crab Rillette. It doesn’t actually look as pretty as the tartare but it tastes really good. Like the tartare that features a seafood with a fruit, this has the crab (seafood) that tastes especially refreshing with vine tomatoes (fruit). I’m inspired to try making my own seafood-and-fruit combination at home – salmon with cucumber, perhaps?

tomato with crab

The seafood bar is not to be missed. Watch the chefs slice salmon sashimi and prepare crabs, oysters and other shellfishes. The only gripe I have is that after the ice has melted, it flows off the bar and has wet my clothes a few times as I went over to take more food. It’s a small issue, but nonetheless annoying.

Lime Park Royal Pickering Seafood

Lime Park Royal Pickering Sashimi

Other foods that are worth a mention: the Peking Duck salad and Herb-Crusted Cod Fillet.

live stations at lime restaurant

Remember to check out the live cooking stations. I tried the Mushroom Risotto, Eggs Royale and Pan-Seared Foie Gras, all of them cooked on-the-spot. This means that they’re all served very warm. Of them, I enjoyed the Mushroom Risotto the most. I’m a huge mushroom fan and I love how the taste of mushroom filled the risotto richly.

The live stations and warm waiters aren’t the only “interaction” you’re going to get. Check out the roaming waiters who pass along freshly-made pizzas to those who want them.

Lime Park Royal Pickering Mediterrainean

Don’t forget the carving station too, if you’re a meat-lover, as they have a huge range of meats to sink your teeth into, including the US Prime Rib, Guinea Fowl and Rack of Lamb.

Lime Park Royal Pickering Meat

The dessert bar is also impressive. Pick as many macarons as you want, and enjoy the cakes, tiramisu and ice-cream. One interesting feature is probably the Matcha fondue (as opposed to the usual chocolate fondue), which earned quite a number of queries on my social media accounts. It was very tasty, by the way!

dessert bar at lime restaurant parkroyal

Lime Park Royal Pickering Dessert

Lime Park Royal Pickering Macarons

Lime Park Royal Pickering Macha Fondue Fountain
matcha fondue at lime

Lime’s Sunday Brunch Buffet is available at S$88 per person including free flow fresh juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea and S$128++ per person including free flow Piper Heidsieck Champagne and selected Red/White House Wine, fresh juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea. The buffet begins at 12 noon and ends at 3pm every Sunday.

Okay, I’m ending this off with a final photo of macarons. Just because.

macarons at lime restaurant parkroyal on pickering

This is a sponsored tasting and Lime did not pay me for this article. Opinions are my own.


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