Bangkok With The Girls: Day 2 Itinerary

While day 1 was all about fulfilling all we wanted to do in Bangkok – massage and shopping, day 2 of the Bangkok trip was done at a relaxed pace.

L took a Tuk-tuk for the very first time and finally had a taste of the smog and speed that come with the ride.

Well, we didn’t manage to take any photos while we were in the Tuk-tuk, but we took other Tuk-tuk photos that day, so that’s good enough representation. Heh!


tuktuk 1

On this day, we headed over to Bangkok city area, for shopping at Siam Square. Note that traffic to the city can be quite crazy in the morning. We were rejected by a cab driver because of the jam. On the other hand, because tuk-tuks are able to squeeze among cars to beat the jam, they’re usually a little more willing to take you. However, this will mean a round of negotiation for the right price. If you’re unsure, ask your hotel receptionists to advise you what’s a reasonable fare to agree to. If you’re heading out from the hotel, you could ask the hotel staff to help you negotiate too.

Back to Siam Square. There are a mix of local designers and regular retailers in this area. The ware from local designers are definitely a little more expensive, but they tend to be of better quality too. I notice that for similar items, most of the time, Siam Square sells slightly more expensive than Platinum Mall. However they also seem to have a wider variety when it comes to better quality clothes.

shopping in thailand - siam square 3

shopping in thailand - siam square 2

shopping in thailand - siam square 1

The area also has more character, compared to Platinum Mall.

siam square grafitti 2

siam square grafitti 1

After shopping, we went into a Thai restaurant called Somtam for our lunch. This restaurant occupies a huge space and is two-storeys high.


somtam 2

Food is decent (a tad salty) and affordable. However, we were disappointed some common Thai food like mango sticky rice, tom yam soup and pineapple rice weren’t on the menu.

somtam 1

We spent the later half of the afternoon idling at MBK mall’s food court, sipping ice tea (free for tourists!) and stocking up on local produce. And then, we went over to Siam Paragon to buy movie tickets for Iron Man.

There are many theatres at Siam Paragon and are actually of different grades. Take note to ask the service staff if you’re in doubt because the more premium ones can set you back by over a hundred Sing dollars per person.

If you have the chance, go for a movie in Thailand. Before the start of the movie, a clip about the Thai king is played and everyone stands up as a sign of respect. I was quite amazed by the respect that the Thai people show for their king, from the body language they displayed (bowing, standing up straight, paying full attention to the clip). It’s quite an interesting sight.

As for food… Siam Paragon is relatively more expensive compared to most other places in Bangkok. We settled down at a food court that sells all kinds of cuisine, but ordered only Thai food, of course.

food court at siam paragon

crab cakes at siam paragon food court

We ended our day at around 2am after the movies and headed back to the hotel.

I’ll be updating about my itinerary for the next few days – including cool places to shop and eat at, so watch this space.


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