Bangkok With The Girls: Day 1 Itinerary

Bangkok is one of those cities I could visit every year and not get tired of it. First, it’s because it’s relatively affordable to get there and spend there. Second, it’s because it’s easy to get around. And then, of course, shopping, food and massage is just so good.

Kind of on a whim, two of my good friends, L and H, and I, decided to visit the land of a thousand smiles again over the Labour Day long weekend.

And here we go!

at the changi airport

Hotel de Bangkok

This is the first time I’ve stayed at Hotel de Bangkok. I typically stay at hotels like Baiyoke Sky but after some research, we decided on this boutique hotel instead.

I was very glad to know that the pictures that were shown on their website was true to how they looked in real life. I also appreciated the friendly receptionists who were really helpful. Before we even checked in, we asked for help to book our spa, call for a cab, and get directions and recommendations. All these were done promptly.

The hotel is also relatively easy for taxi and tuktuk drivers to find. All we need to do is to pass them the slip of paper with its address and map (that you can get at the reception) and throughout the trip, nobody had a problem.

Every morning, the butler goes out to the main street to help us hail a taxi and get it to drive in to pick us up. This particular service helps us a lot because it means we don’t have to haggle for the taxi-driver to use a meter (the butler would have communicated that) and we also didn’t have to wait under the sun for a taxi.

hotel de bangkok exterior

The photo above shows you how the exterior and lobby of Hotel de Bangkok looks. It looks new, modern, clean and cosy.

And here’s how the room looks.

hotel de bangkok room

We opted for a triple-sharing room, which comes with a double bed and a single bed. The whole room was really huge – enough space for us to do a mini runway to show off our new purchases if we wished to (for the record, we didn’t, because we didn’t have time to haha!)

I also love the cosy sofa area, which is where we would sit around for our evening chats. There are also complimentary bottles of water replenished every day that we can use to fill up our bottles. (You can’t bring the complimentary bottles along because they are glass bottles and covered with one-time caps).

Anyway, I’ll highly recommend Hotel de Bangkok because of its low price. Just SGD58 for three nights per person!

Bangkok wonton mee for lunch

After we put down our things and freshened up a little, we took a cab to a wonton mee shop opposite Platinum Mall (it’s around the corner from the bridge that goes to the mall) and near to the Shibuya 109 mall.

wonton mee near platinum mall chef

There were odd looking signs that I spotted in the shop, and they made me wonder if it were just a joke.

weird signs in bangkok

No groping and no farting… really? Are they really a huge issue here?

wonton mee near platinum mall

The portions are really small, but it is quite delicious. But well, I think Pontian Wonton Mee can probably match up to it, so I won’t suggest that you make the effort to visit unless you are around the area. Price wise, it was going at something like SGD1+ per plate if I’m not wrong. But with this amount, those with larger appetites may need two to three plates to feel satisfied.

Here’s the stylo-mylo chef who gamely posed for me when he saw me snapping a photo of him.

wonton mee near platinum mall chef

Crepe opposite Platinum Mall for snacks

I guess we were only glad about the small portions because it meant we could indulge in other food without feeling guilty. We headed around the corner for the crepe stall. This is located at the end of the bridge that’s opposite the Platinum Mall.

You get the choose the combination of fillings that you want and they make it for you on the spot.

crepe opposite platinum mall

crepe opposite platinum mall

Here’s the happy trio enjoying our crepes. They’re really awesome! And very, very filling. I couldn’t finish mine – I think I probably only had about 3/4 of it.

crepe at bangkok

Shopping at Platinum Mall

Of course, as serious shoppers, we headed straight to the Platinum Mall thereafter. Because we flew in on an early flight, by the time we reached the mall, it was only around 11am and the stalls were all just opened. Unlike previous times, I think I had quite a bit of restraint and didn’t buy the entire mall home.

platinum mall in bangkok

Let me try to share with you photos of the clothes and accessories at this trip (I’m very proud of them) in later posts. You can follow me on Instagram to see some of the OOTDs I’ve posted too.

Fuji Japanese Restaurant

central world

opp central world

central world

Next stop was Central World, where we went to Naraya for more shopping, and also for affordable and yummy Japanese food at Fuji Japanese Restaurant.

fuji restaurant

fuji restaurant

We were a little hungry by then and I think we went a little overboard with the ordering. It’s kinda scary because we realised we don’t really look at the prices when we order food in Bangkok.

I decided to do a messy collage of the food that we ordered because I think you’ll get bored looking at individual photos.

food at fuji restaurant bangkok

What I think you should really order when you’re there – the sushi platter (see middle photo, next to the tamago sushi), the potato salad spring roll (second one in first column) was pretty tasty too, the sashimi, definitely, and perhaps the salmon soup (the soup was quite good).

Thai massage at Healthland Spa

Our final stop before the our day 1 ends was to Healthland Spa. It’s a few stories high with tons of rooms and therapists to accommodate huge number of patrons. From what I know, a lot of Singaporeans come here.

The place looks well-maintained and is clean.
healthland spa bangkok

We opted for the 2-hour Traditional Thai Massage that’s priced at 500 bht. This works out to just about SGD21, which is seriously, seriously, great value for money. The Traditional Thai Massage is probably one of the cheaper services they offer (besides 1-hour Foot Reflexology at 280 bht and 1-hour Therapeutic Massage at 350 bht).

The spa also offers facial treatments that start at 1,500 bht for one hour and Vichy Shower treatment coupled with either body scrub and/or aromatherapy massage, starting from 2,250 bht.

This is us changed into our massage garbs, ready to relax and ease our muscles’ tension.

healthland spa inside suite

And that’s our first day! I’ll be updating about our second day’s itinerary once I get my time around it 🙂 Wait for it, because I have a lot of gems I discovered at this trip and tips to share.


4 thoughts on “Bangkok With The Girls: Day 1 Itinerary

  1. Bangkok is a fantastic place and I’m looking forward to heading there soon. I popped by here after google gave me your website to find some things to do while in Bangkok. I’ll be near the Platinum Mall and I’ll definitely go and try some of the food places you mention. The one thing that I’ve learned from Singaporeans is they know their food and they like to shop. With accommodation I like the sound of Hotel de Bangkok but they now want S$96 for superior twin (std S$78). Fortunately found that on bookatel hotels that were a cheaper and also seem like good value for money. I haven’t booked just yet tho, so I’ll wait unil closer o leaving. Quick question You mentioned prices of hotels and massages etc, what were food prices like? Cheap like hawkers in Singapore?

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