A part of Beauty Sorority has become Daily Vanity

In case you haven’t already noticed…

beauty sorority daily vanity

Well, not fully.

Beauty Sorority used to be a beauty blog (with very minimal mention about my life), and now, I’m migrating the beauty portion to DailyVanity.com, which is a site that’s not just run by me – but I have a bit more help – so I can also provide you with videos and articles on men’s grooming. We also publish five to six articles per week – so there’s almost always something new about beauty to read there!

I’m definitely not going to close down Beauty Sorority. After all, I’ve been writing on this platform for a few years already. Now, I’ll be chronicling my OOTD, trips, food I’ve tried, and other lifestyle-related content here. I know there are many of you who have been following me. Many of you don’t always leave comments, but I know you’re here. Thank you for all your support so far and I hope you’d continue to journey with me and support DailyVanity.com for your beauty fix, and if you’re interested in me as a person, Beauty Sorority will give you a glimpse into my life 🙂


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