Review: Star Cruises SuperStar Virgo (Part 2) – Malacca Itinerary

I wrote about my first day spent onboard SuperStar Virgo. Pardon me for the lag, I’ve been busy with work and also my trip to Bangkok (yes, this calls for another post!), but here’s the post on my second day spent!

We woke up to this the second day. How awesome.

balcony view - star cruise superstar virgo

We headed over to the Mediterranean Buffet for breakfast and was allocated the alfresco seats where we get to have a great view of the sea.

sea view - star cruise superstar virgo

breakfast at mediterrean buffet

At around 9am, it was time to disembark. We took a small boat that took us to Malacca.

Yay! Finally on land!

disembarked at malacca

The media group hopped onto the tour coaches and we were taken to a house that’s owned by a super-rich Peranakan family, where we get a glimpse of their lifestyle and lifestyle.

outside peranakan house

peranakan house

Unfortunately we couldn’t take any photos while we were inside. But it was a very eye-opening experience, and the guide did a great job explaining different parts of the house to us and injecting a good dose of humour here and there. I think this was especially interesting to Keith who has Peranakan ancestry.

After this visit, we went to see the St. Paul’s hill, another icon of Malacca.

st paul hill

We only did a very brief stop here where the tour guide explained to us about its historical significance, but we didn’t have time to climb up the hill. I’ve done this before on a previous trip, though. I’d say that there’s nothing much to see up there, except the remains of the tomb of St Francis Xavier, and also the remains of a church that has been destroyed. However, the top of the hill provides a good view of Malacca city, so if you have time and like a bit of a workout, go for it for the view.

Then it was time for what we’ve been looking for – Malacca food along Jonker Walk!

jonker street

Our first stop, we went in search of the 88 Chendol, arguably the best in Malacca.

chendol at 88 chendol malacca

mao ze dong - malacca 88 chendol

malacca 88 chendol

noodles - 88 chendol

The stall also sells noodles, though I don’t find it especially good. The chendol is definitely the must-try. And if you’re sharing with others, go for the Peranakan (Baba) Chendol that features a generous amount of Gula Melaka and coconut milk. Their chendol with durian and soursop toppings are also very well-liked.

Besides chendol, another food that Malacca is famous for is the chicken rice balls.

chicken rice ball

malacca chicken rice ball

picture of us eating chicken rice balls

picture of us

That’s Keith, Calvin and me.

And then it was time to go back to our room – which is at SuperStar Virgo.

zheng he structure at jonker walk

Before I continue, let me share two trivias with you about Malacca.

1. Do you know that Malacca is the only place in the world where dinosaurs are still spotted?

dinosaur in malacca

Haha! We saw this while walking back to the meeting place!

Now, a more serious one.

2. Do you know what Malacca is named after? This tree.

melaka tree

Anyway, I don’t have any other photos after this because (brace yourself for long, sad story)…

Keith and I were asked to help a pair of tourists take photos. The process took rather long because they wanted a few photos and also insisted on helping us take (although we declined). The delay cause us to lose sight of our group. We walked towards the general direction where we last seen them go towards, but when we reached a crossroad, we made a wrong decision to turn right instead of left because we saw a group of tour buses and thought that one of those are ours.

It turned out that we were wrong and we hastily went the other direction, only to see our bus leave without bus before our eyes. Instinctively, we chased after the bus. And in the process, my camera that was in my pocket fell out of it, and bounced a few metres away. The battery were also jolted out of its case and bounced a few metres.

My heart shattered as I watch it arrive at the middle of the road. Without thinking, I dashed out to the road to pick them up. Thank goodness the traffic was slow so I wasn’t killed by the cars.

We continued chasing the bus. A car with two Malaysian ladies asked us what we were chasing and offered to drive us so we could catch our bus. Thanks to their help, we managed to. Well, the chances of them reading this blog is really low, but hey, if by any chance you see this, I’d like to say THANK YOU! We didn’t have the chance to properly say thank you and bid goodbye because we had to rush up the bus. Thank you for the hospitality and warmth you’ve shown to us. It was a very kind and generous act and we’re very grateful to you!

Ok, so back to the camera. My camera died on the spot. It refused to be switched on. 😦

But I digress. Time to get back to the trip.

We had dinner at Palazzo. It’s an Italian fine-dining restaurant. Meals here are not included in the free meals we’re allowed to take while on board, in other words, you have to pay for it. It’s a little pricey, so I’ll recommend it only if you’re looking for a good ambience (it has fantastic one) or just looking to pamper yourself at the trip.

dinner at palazzo

After dinner, we spent the rest of our time at Taverna, a poolside theme snack bar, where we had a bucket of beer and watch patrons dance. It was really fun seeing everyone – strangers turned friends for that day – all dancing to the live band music, whether or not they’re good dancers.

We then headed over the arcade for a few games, and then went back to our room to sit at the balcony and watch stars and enjoy the breeze.

Alright, and that’s day 2. Next post will be the final one, about how I bid farewell to my home for three days.

Disclosure: This is a media invite by Star Cruises, but I’m not remunerated in any way to write this review on Beauty Sorority, in fact I’m not obligated to.


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