Review: Star Cruises SuperStar Virgo (Part 1)

Malacca is one of the cities that I’ve visited many times. I’ve made several trips there with my family for annual pilgrimages at the Santa Cruz (Holy Cross) Church. Most of the time we drove there, and a few other times, we took a bus.

Truth to be told, I really dislike long rides. Seats feel uncomfortable after a while and I begin to fidget. I spend too much time sleeping (thank goodness I’m not the driver) because there’s nothing better to do – besides listening to the radio, but even that gets old. And if I keep awake, I’m likely to get carsick and feel nauseated.

And then there’s the problem with finding toilets. Most of the time, I’m forced to hold my bladder until the next rest station, visiting restrooms that aren’t the best in the cleanliness department. Finally, meals are another issue. When you’re on a road trip, sometimes you don’t get to pick what to eat. Pretty much you have to wait until everyone agrees it’s time to break for a meal, and you look for the most convenient one you’ve arrived at.

Anyway, all these problems seem to be irrelevant when I took Star Cruises’ SuperStar Virgo to Malacca last week with Keith.

Walking from the check-in point at Harbourfront Cruise Centre to the vessel was like a red carpet walk. We were greeted by the smiling crew members and stopped every now and then for a photo opportunity with mascots and performers.


Arriving at the main lobby, I was welcomed with drinks and a three-piece band performing for us. And just when I thought the fanfare was over, a troupe of dancers made up of sizzling hot dancers came up close and personal with us, presenting an energetic number.



After the welcome performance, we took our bags to the cabin – one that came with a gorgeous balcony view. This is also where we would be spending many hours sitting at, talking about everything under the sun, while we enjoy the sea breeze and star gaze at night.

balcony view star cruises

We finally decided to stop lingering at the balcony and headed to Pavilion Restaurant, a Chinese-style restaurant on SuperStar Virgo. Food was pretty amazing. My favourites have to be the Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Dried Top Shell and Chinese Herbs – a very hearty and gratifying soup. The Baked Cod fish with Egg White in Honey Grazed was also a hit – Keith thinks that it’s one of the best cods I’ve had so far. I saved my tummy for the dessert – Combination of Mango Cream Pomelo and Vanilla Ice Cream and am glad that it rounded up the dinner very well.





Then it was SHOW TIME!

We proceeded to watch Cher. Or rather, Cher’s impersonator from Thailand. The moves and appearance look so much like the real celebrity, it was rather surreal to watch.

cher star cruises

After that, we proceeded to Lido Theatre that features a grand stage and plenty of seats for audience, for a magic and illusion performance, Mirage, by  Europe’s top illusionist, Vincent Vignaud. The massive space allowed gigantic props, dance and juggling performances and even fire displays to be presented as part of the show. Mirage will be showing from now till end of July.

star cruises superstar virgo magic show


By the time this performance ended, it was close to midnight. We decided to take a little tour on our own around the whole vessel, looked at the stars for a bit (as Keith taught me how to recognise certain constellation) and headed back to the cabin.

I will be talking about what we did the next day (including the Malacca trip) in the next entry. Watch this space!

Disclosure: This is a media invite by Star Cruises, but I’m not remunerated in any way to write this review on Beauty Sorority, in fact I’m not obligated to.


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