I hosted the Simply Organic Introductory Party!

Most of the time, I attend beauty events. But last Sunday, I did it differently – I hosted one! This is the Simply Organic Introductory party, held at Ecorganics. Some of you may have remember Ecorganics, because I mentioned it a couple of times on Twitter, Instragram and in my blog entry about my new hairdo.

After my hair cut and treatment, I’ve started using Simply Organic products too, sponsored by my dear friend (and client), Crystal, who’s also the owner of Ecorganics. At the party, the bloggers who were invited – Yvette, Patricia, Felicia and Charlene – commented that my hair looks healthier than before, and I agree too!

And so I was really excited to share with them about the brand and the products. A few cool things about this brand:
-This was founded by Gene Martignetti who started the brand after suffering from heart failure and seeing his son suffer from leukaemia. I always feel that the best solutions always come about when a person decided to start looking for solutions because of problems that he suffer from.
-The brand is certified organic and is free from things like paraben, artificial fragrances and SLS.
-The products are simple to use.

I will be talking more about the products in a later entry – there are a few that I really love. But let’s talk about the event that I was very proud to have organised 🙂 Here are pictures from the event, and I shall share with you how it went from the PR point of view 🙂

I arrive early on Sunday morning to brief Crystal and to get myself prepped for the day. When the guests arrived, I welcomed them and gave them a quick overview about what the event, brand and products are about.

kristen juliet having a short chat with bloggers before event

The bloggers quickly got to “work” and were busy snapping pictures before the event officially started.

bloggers charlene and yvette looking at simply organic products

When everyone was here, I gave a quick presentation about the organic concept behind the Ecorganics salon and the highlight of the day – Simply Organic.

kristen juliet giving presentation at bloggers party

kristen juliet giving presentation about simply organic and ecorganics to bloggers

kristen juliet demonstrating how to use products

Products were passed around for my guests to feel the texture and smell the fragrance. I was really glad that they seem to like what they smelt and felt.

bloggers trying out products3

bloggers trying out products2

bloggers trying out products1

I asked for a volunteer to go through a session with an Ecorganics stylist, who demonstrated the wonders that the Simply Organics styling range could do.

charlene trying out styling service at ecorganics with simply organic products

charlene as model for hair demonstration

charlene - final hair look

See how good Charlene looks! She tweeted that the products that were used on her hair left her hair feeling smooth and soft the entire day – unlike non-organic styling products. Seeing is definitely believing – when we say that the products don’t just style, but also heal and condition, we mean it!

Then, lunch was served. Ok, those of you who follow me on Twitter or read my articles on Asian Marketer may know that sometimes I rant about events not providing sufficient food. I’ve always think that if you host an event at meal time, you have to provide food that fills people up. When you leave people hungry, you make people angry – really!

Kudos to Crystal for sourcing out food that fills and also is healthy and wholesome – very appropriate for the theme of the event.

bloggers having healthy lunch

After lunch, the bloggers were given art material to do have a little “art competition” where they were to illustrate something based on the theme “what my hair needs…”

bloggers art competition1

bloggers art competition2

art works by bloggers

I think my guests were really sporting for enthusiastically participating in this game.

The winner was Yvette and she walked away with a Simply Organic Rejuvenating Sealer (I love this product!) and a complimentary cut, colour, treatment session at Ecorganics. Congrats again, babe! I can’t wait to see your new ‘do!

yvette - winner of art competition

Finally, we gave everyone some products to bring back to try out their goodness for themselves.

simply organic goodie bags

group shot

Here’s a picture (thanks to Eric, our photographer!) that I really love to end this post 🙂

kristen juliet soh, beauty sorority

I’ll be sharing more tips on bloggers’ event on Asian Marketer. So, if you’re interested, watch that space!


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