Haircut, treatment and dye at Ecorganics

Those who follow me on Instagram (@beautysorority) will find these photos familiar.

This was me before my appointment at Ecorganics.
ecorganics hair appointment

Because Instagram makes everyone looks pretty, you can’t really tell. But my hair was in a mess. Because my hair is the unruly type and is naturally curly, it’s scary because my fringe always decides to point wherever it likes.

And then I went to Ecorganics, a salon that uses plant-based, natural and organic products. It is run by my classmate from secondary school, and she’s hosted this session for me.

At Ecorganics, I did a cut, treatment and dye. The cosy salon makes a good venue for a tete-a-tete with your girlfriends. Quite perfect for girl’s day out or for mother-daughter bonding.

This is me at the salon, I think it looks like my hair is on fire.

ecorganics hair appointment

And I walked out of the salon looking like this!

ecorganics hair appointment

It isn’t so obvious here, but my hair is now dyed reddish-brown. The organic hair dye does not leave the typical ammonia smell, which is great, and best of all, unlike chemical hair dye, it doesn’t dry out the hair. In fact, for the next few days, my hair still remains smooth and soft. I’m quite amazed at the results.

My friend has also passed me Simply Organic products to try out. This is an organic range that is exclusively distributed by them. I’ve been using its hair products for about a week now and I shall report back on what I think about it soon 🙂

Ecorganics is located at 1 Thomson Ridge. Get more information at the Ecorganics website and Facebook page.


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