Porcelain, the Face Spa’s 3rd Anniversary Bash

Porcelain, the Face Spa is three! And they held their birthday bash at Sauce, at the Esplanade in July. Lots of activities were there, including a manicure booth, photo booth, arm wrestling booth (where you contribute to charity by dropping off money for the chance to challenge an arm-wrestling hunk). I was there with my friend, Ying, and I’m here to share photos with you 🙂

Porcelain, the Face Spa's 3rd Anniversary Bash

Porcelain, the Face Spa's 3rd Anniversary Bash - manicure station

Sally Hansen manicure booth

Sally Hansen manicure booth

Porcelain, the Face Spa birthday bash at Sauce

I’ll be scheduling for a facial treatment with Porcelain, The Face Spa soon, and hopefully I’ll be back with more updates about them. Check them out here.

I know I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I used to, and this entry isn’t that much. But I really just wanted to do some updates as soon as I can get hold of time. I’ve been providing my ehem, expert views, on Asian Marketer recently, if you still want to read what I write. As some of you know, I do journalism, PR, content strategy and social media management professionally, and I’ve been contributing to this marketing site on topics related to these. Asian Marketer is also on Facebook and Twitter, for those of you who are social media junkies.


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