Tyra Banks in Singapore in support of Asia’s Next Top Model

It was tough deciding to wake up at 8am on a Sunday morning to travel all the way down to Sentosa, no less, for a press conference. But because it’s a chance to meet Tyra Banks THE Tyra Banks upclose and personal, this is a small sacrifice I’m more than willing to put in. The supermodel was in town in support of the publicity of the upcoming Asia’s Next Top Model.

Her Royal Fierceness arrived punctually at Equarius Hotel’s ballroom, where the press conference was held, dressed in a yellow maxi, which quickly turned my drowsiness into delight. Having lost some weight, I think she looks gorgeous.

tyra banks in singapore in support of asia's next top model

But the beauty about Tyra (having spent 30 minutes breathing in the same air with her in a confined area, I guess I’m entitled to call her that? ;)), is not about her physical beauty, although, of course, her height, posture, and chiselled features are definitely traffic-stopping. I liked that despite her success in her modelling career and business, there’s absolutely no airs about her, she was radiant and friendly. And then, she’s also intelligent.

Speaking to the media about the “rise” of Asian models, she said that she hopes this is not just a fad, because every ethnicity should be represented in the industry, all the time.

tyra banks, antm executive producer, in singapore, resorts world singapore

She also spoke about the controversy of stick-thin models being more popular, and how “plus-size” is not seen as “beautiful” in our culture. Body shape goes in and out of fashion, she said, we had gone through times when curves were seen as beautiful, or when the athletic shape was preferred, and then there was a time when big hips were embraced. The society, on the other hand, has always had the same standards when it comes to the male form. She said that the whole idea behind ANTM is precisely to groom models who aren’t just conforming to “standards”.

tyra banks in singapore

tyra banks at press conference in singapore, resorts world singapore

Besides all these “serious” talking, she also revealed that her favourite It model is Karlie Kloss. Oh, and she loves Singapore Airlines and our architecture. This is the first time she’s been to Singapore, although she’s transited through Singapore to other cities several times.

pictures of tyra banks at press conference in singapore for asia's next top model

Throughout the press conference, I admire that she spoke with a lot of conviction, and while some of what she shared may come across as a little “preachy”, I appreciate that she stood up for something and I’m really looking forward to seeing that same spirit that Tyra is all about being brought into the upcoming Asia’s Next Top Model.

pictures of tyra banks at press conference in singapore for asia's next top model

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