Clear+Brilliant at SL Clinic: Review (And some complaints on bad service)

“Your skin looks amazing!” said a good friend whom I haven’t met in a few months. “Have you tried something new recently?”

I guess such comments bears the strongest testimony to whatever new products you’ve been trying. For me, I was pretty sure it was due to the Clear + Brilliant treatment that I’ve gone through at SL Clinic.

Clear + Brilliant is one of the latest technologies in the aesthetic beauty arena, and it works with a safe, fractional laser technology to visibly correct early signs of aging skin and to help prevent them. What happen is that the laser energy creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in your skin, replacing damaged skin with healthy, younger-looking tissue.

I was asked to review the treatment and was assigned to SL Clinic, where the treatment was administered to me by Dr. Kelvin Chua. A numbing gel is first applied onto the skin, and then left on for a while. Then Dr. Chua wiped off the gel sections by sections and applied the probe onto my skin. Take note that, just like any laser treatments, it will hurt. I liken the level of pain to that of getting bitten by red ants – huge ones. Imagine that all over your face, sections by sections. I’d say that the level of pain is still bearable, and I get goosebumps from the pain sometimes, especially on areas such as the corners of the face and my cheeks.

After the treatment, a cooling gel is applied.

Besides the discomfort during the treatment, my face also looked red after the treatment for about three days. My skin also flaked and felt like sandpaper. This lasts for around five days for me. During the “healing” period, remember to use lots of sunscreen, and I also use a gentle exfoliator to get the flakes off.

However, after five days, your skin is practically new. It’s smooth and more refined, and it feels “healthier’.

skin after clear + brilliant

This is a picture of me one day after the treatment. I have BB cream on, but no, I wasn’t wearing blusher. Another irritating thing about that 3-5 days after the treatment is that, any foundation or BB cream will look disgusting on the skin.

I’ve gone for two sessions at SL Clinic so far. The first appointment was a breezy one. But the second was quite a nightmare.

I must first say that Dr. Chua has been nothing less than amazing. But his assistants seem to be not as professional. On my second visit, they first mixed up the patient card. As I was dressed in a robe, with my eyes covered, the patient card is important for the doctor to identify who I am, what I’ve done so far and what I’d be doing that day.

And after the correct patient card got sorted out, we realised that the assistants brought in the wrong machine.

Now, while these two issues quickly got corrected, but I can’t help but wonder what if neither of us realise it’s wrong? Will I be given a wrong treatment? I don’t know! But it seems probable. And that’s scary.

Then, after the treatment, the assistant that helped me with the cooling gel was really rough on my skin and also dripped water into my ears. AND THEN, she asked me if I want to “apply a mask”. I said, “Anything”. And she put on a sheet mask for me.

AFTER she removed the sheet mask, she told me “You have to top up hor for the mask” and the counter staff slapped me with $32 for the mask.

I told them, that I don’t mind paying for it. However, I think it’s unethical to apply a mask that requires additional charges onto your customer WITHOUT telling  her:
1. What it’s for
2. How much it is
3. And MOST DEFINITELY, that this requires additional charges

I’m pretty sure the folks at CASE may have something to say about such behaviour.

If this was not bad enough, the assistant who applied the mask on me (in a way that I think is quite unethical) rolled her eyes at me and defensively said that I’ve been told this comes with additional charges. Her attitude was horrifying.

Anyway, the counter staff decided to ask Dr. Chua for a waiver, and he generously offered it. And I’m grateful for that. If not, this experience may make me ask his staff next time, if I’ll be charged for drinking the tea they offer me at the start of the appointment, and for changing into their robe.

P/S: I’m Day 2 into my second treatment. I’ll share some pictures of my brand new skin once everything flakes off.


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