Ultimate Skin Regeneration Treatment at Lancome Beauty Institute: Review

The latest anti-age solution by Lancome –  Absolue L’Extrait which launched last month. Now, the product is used at the Lancome Beauty Institute, as part of the Ultimate Skin Regeneration Treatment, which I was invited to try out.

Lancome Ultimate Skin Regeneration treatment

The anti-ageing ritual is meant to be relaxing, and it begins with some stretching of different parts of my body to release tension. Next, exfoliating gel coupled with massages were administered to the face, neck and decollete.

Following the basic rituals, I was treated to the Absolue L’Extrait massage petals. This exclusive device looks like a spoon, and it alternates hot and cold sensations to help with the skin’s microcirculation, diminish facial tension and tone skin. This process is extremely relaxing and I fell asleep probably at this point. Interestingly, instead of discomfort, the hot-and-cold sensations were soothing.

The ritual finishes off with spraying of mist, as well as Lancome’s skincare regime. After the 90-minute treatment, my therapist handed me a mirror and I was greeted by skin that is clear, radiant and healthy-looking. My skin looks well-rested (despite not having sufficient rest for the last few days) and happy.

The Ultimate Skin Regeneration Treatment is 90mins and is available at $380. I have previously tried the Skin Corrector Treatment featuring the Lancome Visionnaire serum and you can read about it here.

Lancome Beauty Institute is located at #B2-40 Marina Bay Sands and Goodwood Park Hotel (Service Apartments).


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