Valentina by Valentino: Review and launch event

Think Valentino and you’d definitely think of ethereal dresses. Inspired by the latest Valentino fashion, Valentina was born. This is the latest EDP by Valentino.

valentina by valentino - body oil, body lotion, perfume

Valentina is the manifestation of the image of a woman who’s on a constant quest to find herself. She is bewitching, mystifying, stunning, knows how to stand out in a crowd. She lets her imagination fly, she interprets the Valentino style i her personal way and is seductive.

valentina by valentino

May I add that I find the description very “Italian woman”. I just came back from Milan and I noticed that the women there aren’t beautiful because they’re genetically better looking. They’re attractive because they own their fashion styles and are bold in expressing themselves through fashion. I’d be blogging about my experience there once I pick up the courage to edit and select the thousand of pictures I’ve taken during my trip :p

valentina by valentino review

The bottle  is extremely beautiful. It wears three flowers, which are emblems of Valentino couture, in pale shades of white, ivory and nude. The top comes with a silver ring and black pearl.

Finally, the fragrance opens with the citrus scent of Calabrian bergamot, coupled with the unique and distinctive scent of Alba truffles. It eventually develops into a floral scent, consisting of jasmine, Amalfi orange blossom and tuberose. Wild strawberries are another scent in the heart note to give it a playful impression. And then the fragrances closes with cedar and amber to pull the fragrance back to earth.

This is absolutely my favourite fragrance at the moment. I must first tell you that I probably own 30 different bottles of perfume and I choose what I wear everyday based on my mood, the impression I want to give, what I was wearing and what I feel like smelling like. And I’ve been wearing Valentina at least three days out of seven for the past two weeks. The fragrance makes me feel strong, independent and a little mischievous.

valentina by valentino - body oil, body lotion, perfume

Besides the perfume, the collection also comes with a body oil, body lotion and shower gel.

Valentina by Valentino retails at $175 (80ml), $135 (50ml) and $95 (30ml).


4 thoughts on “Valentina by Valentino: Review and launch event

  1. Aww it looks beautiful! I’m always won over by the bottle first! If I like the bottle I’ll will myelf to like the perfume! However if the bottle is vile, I can never bring myself around to buying it no matter how nice it smells? Does that make me shallow? Crap! it does doesn’t it? :S

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