Pupa launch party

I’ve seen Pupa counters a few times – once in Milan where it originates – but never really got to try out the products.

So I attended the Pupa launch party without much expectation. The event was held at Senso Ristorante & Bar, an Italian restaurant, in line with the brand’s heritage. If you’re interested in the food we were served, I blogged about it here.

pupa makeup

pupa makeup

And the restaurant wasn’t the only Italian we got to see. Pupa also invited their international makeup artist, Giorgio Forgani, to be there to do a demonstration and to share some tips and tricks.

Before the event began proper, he decided to give me a mini makeover. It was at the end of a long work day, and my makeup was in a bad state. With just a few simple strokes, he used the Pupa Luminys Touch Complexion Highlighter with Radiant Effect Treatment ($33) to brighten up areas under my eyes, around my nose and lips. Almost instantly, the makeup look really refreshed, as if I’ve just put it on.

And then, he also used the blusher to give me a healthy-looking glow.

Giorgio Forgani demonstrating with Pupa makeup

He finished off with lip gloss just on the cupid’s bow and on my lower lip. He said this will give my lips more pout.

Giorgio Forgani demonstrating with Pupa makeup - lip gloss

During the event, he gave Valerie a makeover. Here are a few shots from that.

Giorgio Forgani demonstrating with Pupa makeup on Valerie

Giorgio Forgani demonstrating with Pupa makeup on Valerie

A cross between a smile and a pout — that’s what Giorgio always tell his models to do when he applies blusher.

Giorgio Forgani demonstrating with Pupa makeup on Valerie

One of my favourite products got to be the Luminys Silk eyeshadow ($26), which can be applied both wet and dry. Each one also comes embedded with tiny pearls so it gives more dimension.There are 10 shades to choose from.

Another winner is the Mascara Vamp! ($33). This comes with a mix of three different waxes: vegetable waxes, natural waxes, synthetic waxes, to give an extra rich texture with high structure; and film forming agents so there can be prolonged hold and no smudges. These films also keep lashes smooth and flexible (breaks less easily).

But what I love most about the mascara is that they come in many gorgeous colours, such as violet, blue and green. I gave the blue one a try and just look at the results!

pupa mascara vamp in blue

pupa mascara vamp in blue

I love how it doesn’t just provide colour to the lashes, but also have the ability to extend and volumise them. One tip: Remember to brush the top of your lashes too, if not you’d look odd with just the bottom side of your lashes coloured.

Pupa products can be found at BHG, John Little, Metro Woodlands, Sasa Cosmetics, TARA apothecary, Pink Beauty and leading perfumeries.


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