L’Occitane first ever bloggers’ party: Pivoine Delicate launch

When L’Occitane contacted me to attend their first ever bloggers’ party, I was elated. L’Occitane is one of my favourite brands and it’s one of the stores that I will always visit when I walk past, even if I don’t have anything to buy.

What’s even more amazing is that the team is doing it right when it comes to bloggers’ engagement. They have organised an intimate session, to allow great interaction with handpicked bloggers that they think will be able to reach out to the right audience and are in line with the brand’s image.

More importantly, the guest list was only compiled after they have “stalked” our blogs for a while. I really appreciate it when PR people tell me that they read my blog and know exactly what it’s all about. It tells me that they want me to play a part in advocating their brand, not just a hit-and-run, me-too effort.

The session is held at Full House, a pretty cafe located at Rendezvous Gallery.

l'occitane bloggers' party

kristen juliet beauty sorority at l'occitane bloggers' party

tea set at full house - l'occitane bloggers' party

bloggers at l'occitane event

So here are four of us — Valerie, Yina, me and Patricia.

bloggers at l'occitane event

Can’t remember what we were doing in the picture above but I’m guessing we were trying the products on ourselves.

The collection that was introduced to us was the Pivoine Delicate. Every line by L’Occitane is fronted by a plant, and this one is by the peony. And like all its other collections too, it has a beautiful story to share.

According to Mediterranean legend, there was a beautiful nymph named Paeonia. Paeonia was so beautiful, she was adored by the gods, as such a goddess grew jealous and turned her into a peony, the flower with a thousand petals. This collection is a tribute to Paeonia.

Here’s us, looking every bit like bridesmaids, haha!

bloggers at l'occitane event - kristen juliet, patricia, yina and valerie

bloggers at l'occitane event - yina goh, valerie lim, patricia tee, kristen juliet soh

I quickly fell in love with the collection because it has the most variety of products. While most other lines in L’Occitane consists of perhaps only skincare, or only body care products, this range comes with a perfume, body care products, as well as makeup products. There’s definitely something for everyone.

The L’Occitane Pivoine Delicate collection consists of: Eau De Toilette (75ml,$78), Shimmering Powder (8g, $56), Hand Cream (75ml, $32), Fresh Mist (50ml, $25), Roll On & Gloss Duo (2×5.5ml, $39), Lip Shine 8ml, $28, available in Rose Pastel, Rose Frémissant and Beige Grâcieux)

press gifts from l'occitane

We’ve been given the EDT and Shimmering Powder from this collection, as well as Shower Gel and Beauty Milk from the Pivoine Flora collection.

l'occitane pivoine delicate collection

Another reason why I think the L’Occitane team is doing it right — they also took care of the details. They provided us with “props” like flowers, coloured paper and a basket in our press kit so we could style it when we take pictures of the products ourselves. *happy sigh*

I’ve tried the EDT and really love the scent. It’s actually not something I’d typically wear (I usually like something slightly on the mysterious side), but I’d wear it on days I’m feeling extra feminine and girly. I think it could help me channel more demureness. The Shimmer Powder, on the other hand, is probably the most fun product to play with. You could apply it on your face, décolletage or hair to give an iridescent glow by pressing on the puff. It also leaves a trail of scent, making it an interesting product to use. I love all-rounders.

Another product you should look out for when the collection is out in stores in June is the EDT and Gloss Duo.

l'occitane pivione delicate edt gloss duo

This features an EDT on one end and a gloss on the other. I can imagine it being a handy product for touch-ups during restroom breaks.

I will be hosting a giveaway of something awesome from L’Occitane in June, so keep your eyes on Beauty Sorority 🙂


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