Browhaus Thread+Tweeze and Color Tweak: Review

Our brows frame our features and are important in giving us our expressions. So, while they don’t take up a big part of our face, changing their shape and colour can help refresh our overall appearance.

I was recently invited by Browhaus to try out their thread and tweeze, and color tweak. I’m most interested in the color tweaking, because it’s something that I can’t achieve by myself without using makeup. Lighter brows help give the illusion of softer, more delicate features, and darkening them gives your features more definition. Color tweaking is also important for those of us who have dyed our hair and want to make sure that the colours match.

Browhaus Paragon Entrance

Browhaus Treatment Tents

Browhaus Log Cabin

Did it work?

I was greeted by a campsite-themed salon at Paragon and really adore the concept. After filling in my particulars while sipping on some ginger tea, I was ushered into a room (or should I say, tent), where the artist asked me if I have any preference for brows – for instance, do I want them really arched or maybe I want them really thin. I told her that I would prefer to keep my natural shape and want it to be of moderate shape.

She proceeded to do a mix of tweezing and threading, leaving a very clean finish. This is also my first time trying threading, and it’s not as painful as my friends said it to be! Then again, I usually have high tolerance for pain, so don’t just take my word for it – go try it for yourself. Anyway, you could opt for application of Peace, an ampoule that contains Larrea Divaricata, a leaf extract that is anti-flammatory, moisturising and leaves a cooling sensation to reduce pain. It also helps slow down the rate of hair growth.

Colour tweaking is done using a plant dye and because I have super dark hair, my artist recommended darkening my brows so they frame my features even better and make them stand out more. I agreed with it. She did the tweaking and asked me for my comments. They turned out a little too dark at first (and I looked really stern!) so I told her to lighten them.

The entire procedure (shaping and colouring) took only approximately 25 minutes.

Here are pictures that I took right after the session (at my colleague’s farewell party). Judge for yourself if you think my brows look great!

browhaus color tweak tweeze and thread1

browhaus color tweak tweeze and thread2

browhaus color tweak tweeze and thread3

browhaus color tweak tweeze and thread review

Thread+Tweeze ($42), Color Tweak ($28) and Peace ($70 per 10 ampoules) are all available at Browhaus. Visit for more information.


5 thoughts on “Browhaus Thread+Tweeze and Color Tweak: Review

  1. They do stand out more leh! Compared to your friends, except the Malay (or Indian?) girl – she has really strong brows, which is nice! Darken it more lah, look like Audrey Hepburn haha!

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