Perfume profiling with Danny Ventura: Le Parfum Elie Saab is for me!

There’s something about a perfume that feels more intimate than any other beauty product I have in my stash. It could be because my favour for a particular scent isn’t at all functional but really just based on feelings. That’s very unlike products like skincare where you are looking for functions such as whether it is hydrating or not, or whether it helps brighten skin.

My meeting with Danny Ventura, fragrance expert, who is also trained in hairstyling, colouring, and makeup artistry, helped opened my eyes to putting some sense into what I always “felt” was the fragrances I like.

danny ventura perfume profiling

Before I started the consultation session with Danny Ventura, who, by the way, plays an active part in creating A Scent By Issey Miyake, one of the fragrances that I really like, I was asked to fill in a survey questionnaire. I was at first expecting questions that quiz me on my palate for scents, but the questions were more geared towards my lifestyle and preferences about the other details in my life, such as what’s my dream vacation like, and which type of beauties do I think is most attractive.

Then, Danny went through my answers and gave me a score. Thereafter, he passed me different scents that would make up the notes of a fragrance, and asked me to assign a colour that I think is associated with the scent.

It’s all very mysterious even up to this point. And then, kind of like a psychic, he told me that I like perfumes that are pretty, but oozes a sense of mystery too. That means, I prefer to keep people guessing about what I’m actually wearing. He said finally, that feminine scents that fall under the oriental fragrances group would work best for me.

He whipped out the Le Parfum Elie Saab (I didn’t know it was it at that point in time), and asked me to take a whiff of it. “Do you like this?” he asked.


Amazingly, while I hesitate most of the time when I go perfume-shopping, this has an instant connection with me. An oriental floral scent hits me immediately, and there’s a subtly woody note I smelt too, which gives the perfume a cloud of mystery.


Further research helps me find out that the perfume consists of orange blossom in the top note, jasmine in the heart, and cedar, patchouli and rose honey accord in the base. When it interacts with my skin, it turns out slightly spicy too (don’t ask me why). I’ve been wearing the scent for a while now, and it makes me feel pretty, desirable and independent 🙂

danny ventura and kristen beauty sorority

Thank you, Danny, for the exercise! Should I be shopping for something that I know will be an instant hit with me, I’d definitely ask for an oriental scent!


6 thoughts on “Perfume profiling with Danny Ventura: Le Parfum Elie Saab is for me!

  1. Hi there , is there any way i can meet danny valentura to help me choose the right fragrance for me ? I was at sephora square one yesterday by chance but after he left unfortunately !

      1. I wouldn’t know. I don’t work for him or his company 🙂 Try googling his name and see if he’s a social media account you can follow?

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