Kerastase Fusio Dose: Review

What: Kerastase Fusio-Dose

The Promise: For the time-starved and the perfectionists, here’s good news: The new Kerastase Fusio-Dose promises to deliver a blend of made-to-measure active ingredients to your tresses, addressing a few of concerns in one session. The only catch is, this is an in-salon-only product because it is able to deliver the best results when used professionally.

What the Fusio-Dose technology also claims to do is have active ingredients penetrate deeply and precisely into hair so that the hair fibre is fundamentally treated and instantly transformed.

The Verdict: I visited J’s Salon, located at Goodwood Park Hotel, for the treatment. The therapist began with a questionnaire, asking me to describe my dream hair (“shiny, smooth and silky hair”), as well as my styling habits. She then went on to do a hair diagnosis for me, taking a closer look at my scalp and hair’s condition to identify key problems.

After gathering the relevant information, the therapist prescribed the Concentre Oleo-Fusion as the base (for my primary hair concern — dry hair) and dosages of Concentre Pixelist and Concentre Vita-Ciment to help improve my hair’s shine and strength, respectively.

The concoction process is interesting. The pink cap of the Concetre Pixelist was put on top of a bottle of Oleo Fusion. Turn it and its content was released into the base. Do the same with the Concentre Vita-Ciment, and mix well.

And then the pampering regime began. My hair was shampooed using a product that’s suitable for my hair type. Then, the customised blend was concocted and massaged into my hair, followed by ten minutes of steaming. Finally, a hair mask was applied.

By the time I walked out of the salon, my dream hair had become a reality! To top it off, it’s sweet-smelling too.

Fusio-Dose treatment is available at J’s Salon at S$268. And from April, it will be available at all Kerastase partner salons. 

This article was first published on Glam Asia.


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