Kerastase event at J’s Salon: treat your hair like your skin!

So, you’ve got a five- step regime for your skin. How about your hair? How do you take care of it? I guess most of us might count shampoo and conditioner as part of our regime. A smaller number uses a serum. But most of us probably stop at this. I’m guilty as charged.

kerastase products

The recent Kerastase workshop that I attended, which was held at J’s Salon at Goodwood Park Hotel makes me rethink my hair care regime.

kerastase workshop

macaroons and cupcakes at kerastase event

Pretty food at Kerastase event

kerastase event

If we were to draw parallels between skincare (which most of us are familiar with) and hair care, we could say that shampoo is like cleanser, conditioner/mask is like toner, hair serum/booster is like serum, hair leave-ins with heat protection is like a moisturiser with SPF (bet you don’t use it for hair!) and finishing leave-ins are like your makeup.

product manager of kerastase giving presentation

fusio dose

At the event, I was prescribed the Kerastase Elixir Ultime as my hair treatment booster, a multi-purpose product that is formulated with four types of oils. This is suitable for all hair types.

For sun protection, I was recommended the Ciment Thermique, great for weakened hair (I have fine hair). The interesting thing about this product is that it works better with heat. So when you use it with your heating devices or when you go under the sun after applying this, instead of damaging your hair, the heat actually works with the product to give nourishment to your hair.

Finally, I was told that the Mousse Substantive would make a good finishing to my hair to style it.

Elixir Ultime, Ciment Thermique, Mousse Substantive

Step 3-5: Elixir Ultime right in front, Ciment Thermique is the green tube on the second row, and Mousse Substantive is the purple bottle right behind.

At the workshop, June, founder of J’s Salon did a demonstration to show us how we could use the products to create simple, but polished hairdos for work and play.

june from j's salon


june from j's salon doing demonstration

j's salon demonstration

we also get to do some hands-on exercise, and learnt how to use the flat iron. I initially feel like I have legs for hands, and felt really clumsy with the device. But under the patient guidance of the J’s Salon’s stylists, I finally got the hang of it. Hopefully with this newly-found confidence in working the flat iron, you’d see more pictures of me rocking different ‘dos.

Here are pictures of me struggling with the flat iron:

kristen juliet beauty sorority curling hair with flat iron

kristen juliet beauty sorority curling hair with flat iron

J salon's stylist helping to curl hair

J salon's stylist helping to curl hair

kristen juliet beauty sorority beauty blogger curling hair at kerastase event


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