Laneige Love in Bloom makeover by Romeo Eun

I’ve previously blogged about the new Laneige Love in Bloom makeup collection, and many of you have commented about its beautiful packages. I had initially intended to do a few looks of the day showcasing the colors from the collection, but the chance came by for me to meet with Romeo Eun, Laneige’s make up artist from Korea who visited Singapore at a roadshow held at Bugis Junction. I was invited to go through a makeover with him using the Love in Bloom products.

laneige love in bloom

I was there with Charlene and we were told to choose to do either a “puppy” look or a “kitty” look – both are hot trends in Korea. The former is a more “innocent” looking look, and the latter a bit more “wild”. We decided that we’ll each sport a different one (so we could show our readers two different looks) and asked Romeo to pick for us (btw, I didn’t tell him I go by “Juliet” too, because it’ll have sounded like I’m hitting on him).

Romeo picked the puppy look for me, because he said that my high cheekbones give me a more “feline” look, and creating the kitty look on me would have been too easy. He wanted to take up the challenge by doing the puppy look on me instead. Charlene went through the kitty look.

An interesting feature of the puppy look was the droopy brows, which is rounded and point towards the eyes. The brows immediately made me look younger, and more pathetic (And I don’t mean it in a bad way! You know how you look at kids who can’t get the candy they want and look really sad and you go “aww”, let me give you a hug?)

Concealing the brows and drawing over it to create the shape he wants.

Concealing the brows and drawing over it to create the shape he wants.

puppy makeup downward brows

Eyebrows that droop downwards.

The other key feature was that of rounded cheeks. He softened the look of my high cheekbones with the Love in Bloom blusher, which comes with both a highlighter and contouring powder.

rounded cheeks for puppy makeup look

Creating rounded cheeks.

Romeo Eun from Laneige softening the cheekbones further.

Softening the cheekbones further.

Finally he dabbed the pastel tones on just the centre of my eyelids, using a brush, in a up-down sweeping motion.

Applying Laneige Love in Bloom eyeshadow in pastel shades

Applying Laneige Love in Bloom eyeshadow in pastel shades

applying Laneige love in bloom eyeshadow

Lipstick was applied at the inner side of the lips (close to where the “wet” part is) and then the Love in Bloom lip gloss on the outer side, to make the lips look more juicy and pouty.

Applying lipstick at only the inner side of lips.

Applying Love in Bloom lip gloss

He also did tight-lining for the upper lash line, and lined the waterline below in black so the eyes look larger and rounder.

tightlining makeup

You’d notice that my look was all about making features look rounder, softer and cuter, but Charlene’s kitty look is all about strong lines and making features stand out.


Before and after Laneige Love in Bloom makeup

On your left: Makeup done. On your right: Undone.

charlene and kristen - kitty look vs puppy look

Look at how different our makeup look!

For instance, her eyeliner was winged out instead of tapered downwards like mine. The eyeliner on her was also used to emphasize the inner corner of her eyes. The highlighter from the Love in Bloom blusher was used more on the upper part of her cheeks to create stronger and higher cheekbones. The colours that were chosen to apply on her lids from the Love in Bloom palette was totally opposite. Hers were the darker, more mysterious shades.

Romeo Eun applying makeup on Charlene Judith

Laneige makeup

I enjoyed witnessing how the same products were used to create to totally different looks.

kitty look - left, puppy look - right

Same products - two looks.

laneige love in bloom roadshow - makeover

charlene judith, kristen juliet with romeo eun, laneige

Do you prefer wearing the kitty or puppy makeup?


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