Age Repair Facial Treatment at Mandarin Oriental Spa: Review

Before I left for my trips (to Japan and the USA), I went on an invited trip to Mandarin Oriental Spa (Singapore) for a facial treatment and mani-pedi. Now, Mandarin Oriental has some of my favourite restaurants, but it’s my first time visiting its spa. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it before I went, so I was excited.


Did it work?

What struck me most The interesting thing about the spa experience at Mandarin Oriental Spa is how wholesome it was. In the treatment room, my therapist asked me questions pertaining to the touch, the scent and the music, to make sure that all my five senses are engaged and comfortable before she started the treatment.

The Age Repair Treatment that I went for is suitable for those looking to achieve more youthful-looking skin. It rejuvenates the skin and stimulates collagen formation using natural oils of inca inchi and larch extract to deliver the appearance of firmer skin. The therapist enhances the experience by administering a calming lymphatic massage on the face, before the application of two masks, followed by scalp massage to further alleviate tension.

The facial, and especially the massages, are super relaxing, such that I lull into slumber really quickly, and then waking up to refreshed skin that feels a lot firmer.

My experience was rounded up with mani-pedi. Both were administered concurrently by two artists.

3.5 loves rating
Age Repair is a 80-minute treatment and is available at $280. Manicure is at $80 and pedicure is at $90. Call 6885-3533 for appointment.


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