Keratinology by Sunsilk Advanced Reconstruction Program: Event + Review

This is super long overdue. In part because I wanted to take a bit more time to try out the products so I could tell you whether it is good. Also because I just got a haircut! So my hair regime was slightly disrupted.

I was invited to the Keratinology event by my ex-colleague, who joined the brand recently 🙂 The event was held at Novus, which is located at the National Museum of Singapore. It’s one of my favourite venues to chill out yet, by the way.

novus at national museum of singapore

Some of you may not have heard about Keratinology. It is one of the brands under Sunsilk, and promises to deliver the latest technology in hair care, and is designed specially to prolong the beauty of salon-treated hair.

The problem with hair comes in a vicious cycle – I’m sure some of you might have already noticed – visits to salon harms your hair, and when your hair looks horrible, you want to visit the salon more to do something about it to make it look better, but it harms you hair even further. Well, you get the drift. This is why it is important to repair your hair from the damages of salon care (okay, oxymoron, but you know what I mean!)

Keratinology products are developed with advanced Pico Technology, which means they contain powerful nutrients that are 1000 times smaller than nano-size particles. The minute size of the particles in their formula ensures that nutrients can be deeply penetrated into the layers of the hair.

At the event, we were also introduced to the Keratinology iPhone application. Look up Keratinogram to get it installed. This app gives you alerts and tips to hair care, as well as recommend the right products to take care of your salon-treated hair.

At the event, I was asked to help showcase the app’s function.

kristen at keratinology

I look like I’m in deep conversation in this picture.

kristen at keratinology2

That’s because I was seated opposite Jerlyn, who’s one of my favourite beauty bloggers. She and I have so many common topics that we’re both interested in, so whenever we attend events together, we always spend a lot of time yakking away 🙂

jerlyn and kristen

beauty bloggers

At the end of the event, I was given the full set of products in Keratinology’s Advanced Reconstruction Program collection.

keratinology advanced reconstruction program

The collection includes six products:

Detoxifying Shampoo ($11.90): This contains advanced cleansing ingredients to gently remove residue and impurities. This step helps to prep your hair for full reconstruction.

Express Treatment Conditioner ($11.90): This is a conditioner, but it provides the intensity of a treatment. It means that you could attain better efficacy within a shorter time.

Hair Spa Mask ($21.90): This is to be used once or twice a week to reconstruct and seal hair’s cuticles. The mask is able to penetrate three layers of the hair’s fibre to give the results of absolute smoothness and shine.

Overnight Reconstruction ($19.90): This no-rinse formula is to be applied just before you sleep to provide hair with eight-hour worth of intensive care. It promises to recover up to one month of protein loss and fills in cracks from damage quickly.

Dual Shot Treatment ($22.90): There are two steps to this treatment and they’re used to turn around severely-damaged hair.

Heat Protector Spray ($17.90): This promises to recover up to one year of accumulated damage in just five days. It ensures UV protection and frizz control as well.

I have been using shampoo, conditioner, overnight reconstruction and dual shot treatment. The overnight reconstruction and dual shot treatment in particular, provide the most instantaneous results. Being on the Keratinology regime for the past few weeks has been really gratifying. I feel like my hair has never been in its best condition. My hair feels smooth, silky and looks shiny. (In part because I’ve finally chopped off my long hair to shoulder-length now, which means I’ve gotten rid of the split ends that I have been really upset with). Very importantly, the products all smell really good (without being overwhelming), and products like the overnight reconstruction is not oily at all, providing an overall fantastic usage experience.

Find the products in Watsons!

By the way, I’m selling brand new products (that I’ve been hording) at crazy prices (like less than 50% off original price!). Go check it out here!


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  1. hey can i plz know d cost of Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program…n where shall i get it..thanx n regards 🙂

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