Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective White: Event

The Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Bloggers’ Event wasn’t just one that I had been looking forward to, it was also one that many other bloggers, friends and readers in my network are excited to read about too. The buzz came along with my tweeting of their super awesome invitation.

The event took place at The White Rabbit at Dempsey. What greeted me when I arrived was a reminder to stick to a comprehensive skincare regime :p

kiehl's event at the white rabbit

If you’ve been following my blog, you should probably already know that Kiehl’s is one of my favourite brands. The Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate from the Dermatologist Solutions collection was one of the products that I frequently rave about (and one of the first products that I listed under my Star Choices on this blog).

This event celebrates the launch of the Clearly Corrective White range, also the brand’s Dermatologist Solutions, and in particular, the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.

This product is fortified with Activated vitamin C, a new technology that produces the benefits of vitamin C but it’s a lot more stable. The formula is also known for being able to combat deep-set dark spots without overdrying the skin. This is particularly attractive to me because I’ve used several spot correctors in the past, while they lighten the skin tone, they also dry it out. The lightweight texture appealed to me as well. I would be doing a review of it a few weeks later after I’ve tested it out, so stay tuned to that!

The event kicked off with some celebrity-treatment. And obviously, that included lots of mingling and even more photo-taking:

kiehl's boys

beautysorority and kiehl's boys

kiehl's bloggers' event polaroid

Then the Kiehl’s team presented the series to us:

kiehl's clearly-corrective bloggers' event

kiehl's clearly-corrective bloggers' event

kiehl's clearly-corrective bloggers' event

kiehl's dermatologist solutions clearly corrective white

kiehl's clearly corrective white collection bloggers' event

kiehl's clearly corrective white collection

I was seated with Jermaine and we tried out the entire collection on one of our hands. This is us showing off the difference to the photographer.

bloggers trying out the kiehl's products

And then I was one of those who were volunteered to play a little game with the Kiehl’s boys. The task was simple: remove all the dark spots from their lab coats. (And I look like I’m wearing a mini version of the spotted lab coats they’re wearing. Talk about compatibility!)

play games at bloggers event

Pictures of everyone:

kiehl's event bloggers - group shot

kiehl's event bloggers - group shot

These are values and heritages that are unique to the Kiehl’s brand:

kiehl's event

I guess these are what make Kiehl’s stand out from the other brands. I resonate most #2 and even more so #6. Shopping at a Kiehl’s store is always pleasant for me. I’ve mentioned in another blog entry before that the beauty advisors at Kiehl’s are knowledgeable, and I appreciate that they’re not pushy. They are sincere about addressing your skin/hair needs and are very generous with their samples.
And that brings me to my next point.

kiehl's philosophy - event at the white rabbit

Kiehl’s is big on the idea that you should try before you buy – which makes perfect sense, right? So, same for the latest Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, you should try it for yourself to see if it works for you. There’s a system on their Facebook page that will allow you to redeem samples for this product by flashing an SMS they’d send to you. To find out how to do it, check out this entry. Remember to select Beauty Sorority as the blog that referred you to the tab! 🙂

OKAY, review will come soon. Watch this space!


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