Remede Spa at St Regis Singapore Body Revival treatment: Review

Amidst all the Christmas buzz- shopping, cleaning, scheduling, RSVP to parties, you’d probably want to take a short break and give yourself a well-deserved treat – I know I do!

If you want to indulge in a good body massage to loosen the muscles and rejuvenate the body, I might just have something good to share with you – Remede Spa’s Body Revival Treatment.

Remede spa body revival treatment review

Did it work?

Remede Spa is located at St. Regis Hotel and the ambience is very serene and luxurious.

The Body Revival treatment begins with a body polish, where I got to choose from a few botanic-based scrubs. This luxurious scrub helps to resurface, revitalize and rejuvenate the body.  Just like how we have to exfoliate our facial skin, I really appreciate a polish once in a while on the body to ensure that the body skin is not neglected.

After exfoliation, I rinsed at the attached bathroom in the treatment room. The therapist proceeded with a body massage, using essential oils that I had selected. The deep and firm massage, as well as stretching, helps loosened up my muscles, soothed tensions and calm my senses.  It is seriously one of the best massages I’ve been to, because right after the massage, I do feel so much “lighter”.

When the session completes, I was led to a resting area, where TWG tea and in-house artisan chocolates were served. The spa is also equipped with a series of facilities that can promote wellness, which spa patrons are free to use before or after their treatment.

4 loves rating
$250 for 90 minutes


6 thoughts on “Remede Spa at St Regis Singapore Body Revival treatment: Review

  1. But I left that $250 for a 90 mins seems to be quite pricey while there are quite a number of beauty spa that also provides quality service at cheaper price. If this is affordable to you, you might also want to try the Banyan Tree at Marina Bay Sands, they do really have a good atmosphere and masseurs.

      1. The place is really nicely decorated and their services was top notched. We had a foot bath and then proceed on with the oil massage which lasted 60 mins. The masseurs skilfully pressed the body and soon before I knew it, I was into deep sleep. A real deal of relaxation. The only regretful thing was I had the appointment at 8pm and could not really see the scenic view from the windows. Perhaps you should go for a day session if you wish to enjoy the views.

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