K-lift facial treatment at Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont Singapore: Review

Christmas is coming! Any party to attend? If you do, and want instant booster, you should really read on 🙂

The interior of Willow Stream Spa actually feels very “1990s” to me (not really in a bad way, but the look and feel does feel 1990s!), but the service and technology used is definitely modern.

willow stream spa, fairmont singapore

Here's how the spa looks.

Willow Stream Spa, which is located at Fairmont Singapore, has recently launched a new treatment called K-Lift. And it’s rocket science – literally! The spa manager shared with me that astronauts face the problem of their wounds not healing because of the lack of energy in outer space. As such, NASA scientists did research and found out that the wavelength of 640nm is the best energy for healing, without the risk of infection.

This technology is then extended to skincare, and yes – you probably know where I’m going – it’s what Willow Stream Spa uses for its K-lift facial treatment.

The treatment uses three energy technologies:

1.  Red LED Spectrum Light at 640nm. This light is also said to help increase collagen production by up to five times.
2. Non-invasive Impulse MicroCurrent. This energy stimulates DNA regeneration and improve elasticity of skin
3. Transdermal Delivery. This infuses essential nutrients into the deep layers of the skin for maximum penetration.

K-Lift, Age Management System

Here's the equipment that uses NASA technology!

These technologies are combined with the use of the Age Management System from Kerstin Florian, a range of European facial, body and bath products and treatments for the spa industry based on natural resources.

Did it work?

60-minute and 90-minute treatments are available and I went for the 90-minute treatment.

Before I entered the therapy room, I was told by another therapist that, “You’d look younger by 10 years!” I was rather amused because I actually don’t think that’s possible 😛 10 years ago, I was still in secondary school!

My therapist is Malaysian and don’t speak fantastic English, however, she’s very knowledgeable and patiently explained every step of the treatment and what every product does.

After the session, she passed me a mirror and confidently asked me to look at the difference. I was pleasantly surprised. My laugh lines and lines on the neck had virtually disappeared, and the skin felt taut and firm. I’m not even kidding when I say that the results is amazingly obvious and fast. Considering that I’m only in my 20s and have relatively good skin, I never thought that any non-invasive treatment would be able to give me such good results. My laugh lines and lines on the neck are probably the only signs of ageing that are evident on me (and I’m not entirely bothered by them, except maybe the laugh lines that sometimes make me look a bit tired.)

k-lift anti-ageing no laugh lines

Close up: Look Mom, no laugh lines!

4.5 loves rating
The results last for about a week after the first treatment. You’re recommended to go for the treatment once every two days for a month, and then once a month to keep up with the results. $250 for 60-minute session and $320 for 90-minute session.


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