Super Hair Removal at David Loh Surgery: Review

Sorting out your hair issues ensure that you can have freedom and time to do other important things. I’m sure you know what I mean.

I’ve gone for IPL before, and it actually hurts quite a bit, albeit it doesn’t last for long. It’s also troublesome that you can’t wax, or tweeze or epilate before the session (that means you have to have some ermm… growth, before you go for IPL), and the after care is quite a pain too.

So when I heard about how Super Hair Removal (SHR) administered at David Loh Surgery was different, it really got me interested.

david loh surgery

Did it work?

super hair removal (SHR) machine

The machine!


We’ve always thought that to destroy the hair follicles, we need to use strong light to heat the follicle up. But SHR is quite different. It uses low intensity light instead, administered in rapid firing sequences to deliver heat and effectively destroy the hair bulbs in the hair follicle. Because the heat is low, it isn’t painful. Also the probe that is used to administer the process is so super cold, it really helps to balance out the heat. The entire process lasts for at most 10 minutes, and it was totally painless. If you’ve tried IPL and think it’s tolerable, you can literally nap through this.

david loh surgery - super hair removal review

This is the ultra-cold probe.


Another good thing about it is that you can go through it regardless of hair growth and method of hair removal. There aren’t explicit after-care instructions also, in other words, you could just do whatever you used to do and maintain your lifestyle after the sessions.

It’s been more than a week since my last session, and the effect is slower growth of hair (at the armpits), and skin that feels smooth. Take note that it’ll take a few sessions to completely destroy hair follicles to achieve permanent hair removal.

4.5 loves rating
SHR is done at David Loh Surgery’s  Liat Towers branch clinic. You could call 6733 9114 for appointments. Prices start from $200, depending on area of treatment.


2 thoughts on “Super Hair Removal at David Loh Surgery: Review

  1. I got laser hair removal for my arms and legs from Simply Laser in Brisbane.

    About 6 sittings for me and there’s no re-growth!

    Happy with the results! 🙂

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