Spa Botanica Rooibos Face & Body Anti-Aging Delight: Review

Do you know what Rooibos is?

rooibos tea

I haven’t heard of it before I tried Spa Botanica’s face and body treatment that uses this herb. Rooibos is also known as red bush or red tea, is a herb that’s unique to South Africa. This herb is known for its potent anti-oxidant properties, and is said to help boost immunity and has anti-ageing properties.

Spa Botanica is one of my favourite spas in Singapore because it’s so reclusive and the therapists are really good at what they do.

I arrived in the afternoon and first went for a light lunch at The Garden, a restaurant that’s attached to the spa.

the garden spa botanica

the garden spa botanicalunch at the garden, spa botanica

Then, I was ushered to an indoor treatment room (the last time, I went to the outdoor pavilion) for my treatment.

The Rooibos Face & Body Anti-Aging Delight started off with a Rooibos Tea Foot Bath. I was served a cup of rooibos tea, while my therapist soaked my feet in a tub of rooibos tea. She dried my feet with light pressing movements, and then invited me to the massage bed.

A body scrub that consists of a blend of rooibos, pomegranatate and primrose oil was then applied all over my body. While I don’t feel my body “tightening” like what the treatment promised, my skin feels well-exfoliated, thus it feels smooth and free from dead skin. It’s rather indulgent because – I mean – how often do you scrub your entire body thoroughly. We usually just focus on caring for our face.

I rinsed off the scrub in the attached bathroom and emerged feeling quite refreshed.

A body massage is then administered, with botanical lotion applied generously all over the body. The massage is firm but very comfortable. My body initially creaked – no thanks to long hours spent sitting before the computer – but after a few minutes, the muscles loosened and I lulled into sleep.

Finally, an anti-ageing hydrating face mask was applied onto my face and my therapists massage the back of my neck and my shoulders.

skin after spa botanica rooibos treatment

See how my skin looks after the treatment 🙂

The 150-minute treatment ended and I was led to a pavilion where guests can help themselves to some tea and simply watch the day pass. I spent a few quiet moments there, resting my mind by not thinking about anything at all, before I went to the labyrinth for a stroll and meditation (and prayer).

labyrinth at spa botanica

The labyrinth

tea pavilion at spa botanica

Totally posed picture - at tea pavilion

awesome water feature at spa botanica, sentosa

random flowers seen at spa botanica, sentosa

It's not called "Botanica" for just the treatments. Beautiful flowers can be seen everywhere.

Part of this treatment’s package is a two-course healthy lunch and a healthy juice (which I had for dinner). I like that the menu reminds guests that wellness has much to do with diet, and the meal indeed completes the session. I picked the pineapple and mint juice, which was one of the most refreshing drinks I’ve ever had.

pineapple and mint juice at spa botanica, sentosa

dinner at spa botanica

Another worthy mention is the dessert – soya beancurd and berries – which is love at first bite.

dessert at spa botanica, sentosa

4.5 loves rating
To me, the venue and ambience is just as important as the treatment. Spa Botanica is certainly one of the spas that I know of with the best facilities and ambience. This helps to set you in a relaxed mood immediately.
The Rooibos Face & Body Anti-Aging Delight costs $350 for one and $650 for two persons. Visit the Spa Botanica’s website for more information.


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